Back to School With Franklin

Season 6, Ep 16, Aired 8/19/03
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  • Episode Description
  • School has come to a close for the summer and the kids of Woodland all enjoy a summer of "doing nothin'," although, as they learn, doing nothing can be a busy thing. When they return to school, they learn that Mr. Owl is out on a family emergency and their substitute is Miss Koala. Miss Koala is from Australia and seems rather odd to the kids, especially Franklin, who takes the longest to warm up to her. Eventually, though, her "can-do" attitude and ideas of "always trying different" begin to appeal to them and when they learn that Mr. Owl is going to be returning, they want to win a soccer game for her to show their appreciation. Meanwhile, Franklin's sister Harriet is upset when she learns that her best friend Beatrice is going to be attending nursery school this year and can't play with her like she used to. Franklin lends her his old blue blanket and that helps some, but things really look up when she makes friends with Beaver's new little brother Kit, but not before an unfortunate incident.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Richard Newman

    Mr. Turtle

  • Noah Reid

    Franklin Turtle

  • Janet-Laine Green

    Narrator (Credited as Janet L-Greene)

  • Julie Lemieux

    Various (Uncredited)

  • Bryn McAuley

    Harriet Turtle

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (30)

    • Kit: Thank you, Harriet. Wanna play now? Harriet: 'Kay. Uh, what? Kit: Tag. You're it! (Harriet is surprised. The two race around merrily and chase each other, giggling.)

    • Franklin: First I couldn't wait for Mr. Owl to come back. Now I'm sad to see Miss Koala leave.

    • Goose: I've stopped lots of goals, but I've never actually scored one. I'd like to try something different for a change. Miss Koala: I think that's an excellent idea. Good on ya. Goose: Thanks, Coach!

    • Kit: I wanna go out. Harriet: You sad, Kit? Kit: Yes. Harriet: Maybe blue blankie can help. All you gotta do is hug it.

    • Miss Koala: I'm a replacement teacher, remember? I'm going to another school that needs me.

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    Notes (15)

    • Visit the Movie Tome guide for Back to School With Franklin here.

    • Releasing in book form in September 2004 as Franklin and the New Teacher.

    • As with "Franklin's Magic Christmas," there is no narrator's introduction for this story.

    • DVD special features: Read-along by Paulette Bourgeois of the entire story of Franklin's Class Trip. You can also choose to read it by yourself. Descriptions for six different characters A trivia game about the story itself Sing-along of the musical number "Doin' Nothing (Can Be Such a Busy Thing)" Extra games for those who have a DVD-ROM drive Three audio tracks: The original English, as well as French and Spanish dubs

    • There's a short promo for Franklin DVDs and videos before the actual story begins.

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    Trivia (2)

    • In normal episodes of Franklin, Franklin and his parents do not have beds in their bedrooms, but in Back to School With Franklin they do.

    • The DVD features a "close-caption" track that looks more like subtitles and contains numerous errors. Colons following a character's name are often inexplicably followed by a comma. Words are sometimes scrunched together and the caption / subtitles often extend off the screen in both directions.

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