Franny's Feet

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  • 8.5

    An Inspiring Show

    By RyanGriffin1, Sep 29, 2013

    Really great show! It feels like you're travelling the world with Franny

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  • 5.0

    Franny's Feet Mexican, USA and Canada flag episode

    By Grandma01, Mar 03, 2012

    My daughter's children were watching this episode and there were descrepencies in this show, Yes, Canada does have a maple leaf on our flag, and yes maple syrup does come from maple trees, but this is a very small industry in a very small area of Canada, also the episode said we speak French, we are a bilingual country with English and French being our official languages, however 8 of our 10 provinces and our 3 territories speak English with Quebec being our only French speaking province and New Brunswick being our only official bi-lingual speaking province.moreless

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    Where will my feet take me today?

    By DigitLeBoid, Nov 28, 2006

    A sweet show for younger children. Little Franny Fantootsie tries on shoes in her Grandfather's shoe repair shop that take her imagination to places all around the world. The show introduces children to cultures near and far, language, and social behaviour.

    Animated with a beautiful palate and friendly characters, the show is engaging for little ones and filled with learning opportunities. Developed in Canada, the show recently premiered on PBS in the United States. The PBS version includes an additional element where Franny addresses the audience and invites their participation. Let your little one's try out this show and the PBS KIDS Web site, where there are many activities that are fun and extend the learning experience.moreless

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