A New Position for Roz

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    Season 10 finale.

    By Bountyhunterc28, Jan 29, 2011

    Roz's co-workers give here a going away party and after hearing all of the nice things everybody has said about her and noticing how close Julia and Frasier are becoming she decides to stay.

    Roz confronts Frasier and tells Frasier that he should dump Julia, Frasier tells Roz to mind her own business, which causes them to get into a heated argument, and Roz tells Frasier to choose so Frasier chooses Julia and Roz leaves.

    So Roz quits KACL and takes the program managers job, claiming that KACL is ancient history.

    I had mixed feelings about Roz and Frasier's behavior; I felt that Roz should have minded her own business just because she didn't like Julia, then I also thought it was pretty bad that Frasier picked some one he has known for a few months over a person he has been friends with for 10 years.moreless

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