A Word to the Wiseguy

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Quotes (2)

  • Jerome Belasco: (responding to Fraser about Brandy) If I get her a job. Not just any job. A job that she can never lose. A job where, if she burns the place down, they will apologize to her for having made it so flammable.

  • Roz: He's not even good in bed?! Brandy: Who knows? We're never there long enough to find out! [...] I said to him last night, "What the hell was that?! I've been vaccinated slower!"

Notes (1)

  • For his work in this episode, Harris Yulin received a 1996 Emmy nomination as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

Trivia (2)

  • (Jerome Belasco, a "godfather" type, having done Niles a favor, has shown up unexpectedly at Frasier's) Niles: (to Frasier) Do you think that's why he's here - to collect? Frasier: No Niles. He's probably hosting a luau; he came by to borrow our poi ramekins. Poi ramekins are small dishes in which Poi is served. Poi is a Polynesian staple food made from the kalo (or taro) plant.

  • Apparently Maris comes from a Roman Catholic family. Niles and Frasier discuss her "first communion" trip to Rome and her father smoothing things over with the Pope, after she took a crucifix. This seems a bit odd considering the fairly WASPy social circle the Crane boys are usually part of. This appears to be consistent with Season Two's "Burying a Grudge". The hospital where Maris is having her face-lift done appears to be Catholic. There is a picture of the Virgin Mary on one wall, a crucifix on another, and a photograph of the Pope on a table. However, in Season Four's "Odd Man Out", Frasier asks Niles if he's up for a little Italian and Niles replies, "Actually, I'm going out with Maris, so I guess you could say I'm up for a little Episcopalian" (Anglican). It would seem that she began as a Roman Catholic but became an Episcopalian for the sake of that joke.