Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do

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Quotes (2)

  • Niles: An engagement ring? Dad must be about to ask Sherry to marry him. Do you know what that means? Frasier: Yes. We're going to hear what Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" sounds like on...the banjo!

  • Frasier: I'd like you to know that everybody is one hundred percent behind this decision. My God, we're all so excited. Martin: Frasier! Sherry: Well, I'm so glad that you're so happy your father's breaking up with me. Frasier: Breaking up? I had no idea. Sherry: And you get paid to help people through their difficult moments?

Notes (1)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: NepovedenĂ© zásnuby (Stillborn Engagement)

Allusions (1)

  • The segment where Martin breaks up with Sherry is entitled 'Give Me a Ring Sometime'. This was the title of the pilot episode of Cheers.