Bad Dog

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (4)

  • Martin: We all get obsessed sometimes. The important thing is to drop it before you start yakking on and on to someone who doesn't give a rat's ass. Frasier: Is that your roundabout way of saying you don't want to discuss it? Martin: You want to take the direct route?

  • Waitress: Just go down to the basement, cross through the kitchen to the hall, and ask for the Napoleon Room. Niles: Oh, the Napoleon Room, that sounds charming. Waitress: We call it that because the ceilings are so low.

  • (Bulldog and Frasier are in a queue at Cafe Nervosa) Frasier: What's going on anyway? My God, I've got an appointment in 20 minutes. Bulldog: Ah, some weenie made a big stink so they got to clean the milk steamer every time they use it. Frasier: Oh. Bulldog: It was you, wasn't it? Frasier: Well if requesting basic sanitary procedures makes me a weenie, then a weenie be I.

  • Daphne: Roz, is everything all right? Roz: Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that my hair is huge and this dress is a joke. Frasier: Oh nonsense, Roz. You look divine. Roz: No, I look like Divine!

Trivia (2)

  • In this episode we learn that Bulldog was raised and educated as a Roman Catholic as Frasier introduces his boyhood priest and confessor.

  • (Daphne and Martin are arriving at the Seabee Awards dinner and Frasier compliments Martin on how good he looks) Martin: Well, thanks -- though I guess any guy looks good in a monkey suit. Frasier: Oh, yeah. Daphne: On the drive over I started musing on why they call it a monkey suit... Actually, Martin isn't wearing a "monkey suit". A "monkey suit" refers to a tuxedo with tails (the back split and extending down in two curving flaps to the back of the knees). If Martin had been wearing a tuxedo with tails (commonly just called "tails"), Daphne wouldn't have had to wonder about the origin of the term.

Allusions (1)

  • Frasier bringing out surprise guests from Bulldog's past borrows directly from "This Is Your Life" (1952-1961), a televison show starring Ralph Edwards which honored celebrities with a review of their lives and careers.