Chess Pains

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    And yet again here we are with another wonderful episode of Frasier!

    By count-chocula, Aug 05, 2006

    Just when you thought that this season couldn't get any better along comes "Chess Pains". After this season's wonderful "Frasier Grinch", "Moon Dance" & "The Show Where Diane Turns Up", "Chess Pains" delivers once again!

    Some great laughs in this episode, especially Frasier's many different attempts to get his father to play chess with him! A great quote comes very near the start of this episode when Frasier asks Niles if he would like to play chess. Niles declines by saying something about how Maris used to love chess. Frasier then quips, "Of course she would. The queen has all the power while the man is stationary". Classic!

    Another wonderful Frasier episode!moreless

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