Cranes Go Caribbean

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Notes (3)

  • Bebe Neuwirth and Patricia Clarkson also worked together in the movie "Jumanji".

  • At the 2001 Emmy Awards, "Frasier" received a nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. In addition Kelsey Grammer was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, for his performance in the episode "Frasier's Edge", and David Hyde Pierce received a record breaking eigth consecutive nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. The series was also nominated for Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series.

  • This episode received a 2001 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series.

Trivia (1)

  • In the restaurant Frasier says "There's an ocean of fresh fish not 15 feet away," and you can even see the blue reflection of the water and it's movement as it laps against the shore. Why then, can't you hear waves crashing at all? This is especially strange as in every other scene in this restaurant you can hear it, but not in this particular one.