Crock Tales

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Quotes (3)

  • Frasier: (dressed as Uncle Sam)Frasier: Dad, I bought you these headphones, so that I wouldn't be subjected to your sports drivel. Please put them on.
    Martin: All right, I will. But only if you say it.
    Frasier: (sighs and points his finger at Martin) I WANT wear these headphones!

  • (Niles discovers he has his cellphone) Daphne: That's it, the clothes are coming off. (Niles hides his cellphone, while Daphne starts to remove her clothing)

  • Niles: Who knew my sorrows would be such strong swimmers?

Notes (2)

  • Rosie Perez also voiced the caller Francesca in season 2's "Roz in the Doghouse".

  • This episode recreates Daphne and Roz's old hairstyles with wigs, as well as changing Niles' and Frasier's. It also put back many of the original decor pieces in Frasier's apartment.

Trivia (9)

  • (It is the 1993 flashback and Daphne, new to the Crane household is just coming from her room) Daphne: I just found out what that second toilet in me loo is for (laughs) -- talk about a shock! As we know from Season 2's "Daphne's Room" (when Eddie is drinking from her toilet), Daphne doesn't have a "second toilet" (bidet) in her bathroom. Even Frasier doesn't have a bidet, as we see in Season 2's "Seat of Power".

  • Daphne says that at her "Ugly American Party", among other things, they will "...not use the metric system". Today, there remain only three countries in the world that have not adopted the metric system: the USA, Liberia and Myanmar (Burma).

  • In the 1998 flashback Martin told Roz that Niles was going to tell Daphne about his feelings for her, however Roz didn't find out about Niles' feelings, in the episode "Decoys" which was in 1999, after Daphne had started dating Donny.

  • The wigs for Daphne and Roz are clearly fake, as they decided to use hairstyles that the characters never wore in the previous shows.

  • In the last flashback (1993), which occurs within the episode "Dinner at Eight", Roz meets Martin, but they didn't meet until the episode "The Crucible".

  • In the last flashback of the day after Niles and Daphne's first night together, it says the year is 2002, but the episode "Daphne Returns" happened in 2001.

  • In the flashback of 1996, Niles says Maris is upset at Frasier but Niles and Maris separated near the start of season 3, which was 1995.

  • Niles and Daphne had their honeymoon in 2002, not 2003.

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