Dark Victory

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Quotes (6)

  • (after Frasier has been invited to a party downstairs) Frasier: (waves his hand dismissively) Oh, no, no, thank you. I'm not really in the mood anymore. Daphne: Oh, don't be a party pooper. Martin: (waves his hand an a mockingly dismissive manner) Ah, let him be. He's always been that way. Frasier: (in an irritated and corrective tone) Excuse me, just a second. Maybe it's time for a little lesson about what it's like to live the life of this particular party pooper. I spend the whole damn week ministering to the troubled, and the neurotic, and the sometimes just plain goofy. Then I hang up my earphones, and it doesn't end there! Out on the street, at the cafe, even in this building... more people come up for help... more problems. I suppose they just think it's okay... it's what I do! But every time I try to help them, it cost me a little piece of myself. A little bit here, a little bit there, a little bit here, a little bit there. I had my escape planned. I was going to come home for an evening of fun with my extended family. What do I get? I get the four of you, going at each other like the Borgias on a bad day! So I roll up my sleeves, and I tend to each one of you... and you all feel better. And the minute you get a whiff of mesquite coming from down below, you are out the door, without so much as a thank-you. Well, thank you for the invitation, but I am frankly fed with people and their problems. The doctor is out.

  • Roz: Every year I go to my family reunion and I answer the same questions: "No, I'm not married", "No, I don't have any kids", "Yes, I still have that tattoo", "No, you can't see it"...

  • Niles: (crashes through Frasier's door, panting, in a state of panic) Nineteen floors down...garage door's electric, can't open it...twenty floors back up...lost count...mean lady upstairs...big dog! Need...place...to die!

  • Roz: (upon revealing through the party game some of her sexual exploits) I was in college. I was trying to find myself. Niles: All you had to do was look under the nearest man.

  • Fraiser: Now, we can all sit here in the dark and be miserable or we can have try to have some fun! Niles: I'm going to call Maris. Fraser: Well, Niles has voted, who votes for fun?

  • Niles: You spoke to a patient of mine today, Caroline. As a result of your fast food approach to psychiatry she left me! Frasier: Caroline was your patient? Niles: Two years of my hard work wiped out by one of your two-minute McSessions!

Notes (1)

  • At the 1995 Emmy Awards, Frasier took home the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series for the second consecutive year. In addition Kelsey Grammer won his second consecutive Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, for his performance in the episode "Adventures in Paradise (2)." Also David Hyde Pierce won his first Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

Trivia (5)

  • This episode marks Martin's 62nd birthday.

  • At one point Roz threatens to call Amnesty International because the Cranes are 'torturing' her. Peri Gilpin, the actress who plays Roz is actually a member of Amnesty International.

  • (The power is out all over South Seattle) Daphne: Well, it looks like the steaks we were going to have are out. I better go see what I can find. That wouldn't be the case, since Frasier's stove is gas, not electric.

  • When Niles comes into Frasier's apartment he doesn't close the door behind him. But then later, magically the door is closed.

  • Last year, Martin's birthday was on a Sunday (in "My Coffee With Niles", he says, "Last Sunday was my birthday") Therefore, his birthday this year should be on a Monday, but this episode is set on a Friday!

Allusions (2)

  • Episode Title: Dark Victory A reference to the classic 1939 Bette Davis melodrama, Dark Victory, about a woman going blind.

  • Niles: McSession. Niles calling Frasier's radio show a "McSession" is a reference to McDonald's and their naming of menu items with "Mc" in front of them.