Door Jam

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    The mystery.

    By dmarex, Feb 27, 2010

    Those Crane boys really can be quite weird, can't they? It's one of the things I really love about this show, and it always gives me great laughs. The entire room-mystery was very hilarious, and I just knew the boys wouldn't let it go there. I liked the ending where they found themselves locked out of the spa.

    Roz didn't have a big role in the episode, but the little that she did was very funny... silly, but funny. As for the Daphne and Martin part, it was okay. I guess it was also quite silly, but I liked it anyway. I wasn't looking for anything deep tonight, just a good laugh.moreless

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    Frasier and Niles always have to have the best.

    By Bountyhunterc28, Jun 15, 2007

    Frasier gets some of Cam Winston's mail by mistake, including an invention to a hot spot, and of course Frasier and Niles are mad that they are left out.

    Niles then poses as Cam, and they find out that this hot spot is a spa, so like true Niles and Frasier style they enjoy something that doesn't belong to them, but when they learn that there is a gold level they do everything in their power or Roz's power to get in.

    Once in they are impressed with what they see, that is until they find a platinum door and ignoring warning from an attendant barge right in. Just goes to show what Frasier and Niles will do to not be left out of any hot spots.moreless

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