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    It is too bad that the writers of the Dr. Nora episode did not put more effort into the third act.

    By televisiondr, May 21, 2011

    I have heard Dr. Laura on the radio and I read about the contraversy surrounding this episode so I was curious about it. I dialed it up on youtube and Iaughed out loud during the first two parts. "Dr. Nora" skewered Dr. Laura, but in good fun. And then I watched part three. I stopped laughing. It was mean. The secret to good comedy is to demonstrate the absurdity in a truth, not to make the truth absurd. The producers of this episode squandered the opportunity to make a point. And although Frasier is a darling of the Emmys, it is inconcievable that Piper Laurie should recieve a nomination for such a ridiculous role.moreless

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