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    By ManuLisimani, Aug 16, 2015

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    Frasier and the others face off against another station in a weight-loss competition.

    By Bountyhunterc28, Jul 16, 2007

    Frasier comes face to face with an old high school classmate who is the station manager for the other team, and still teases him about the whole hockey thing even calling him F. hockey.

    So they make a bet if Frasier wins his old chess set is to be replaced but if he loses he has to wear his old hockey uniform in front of everybody.

    The things people do when they are hungry, the whole scene when they are in the stem room and after was well done, even they first start trying to lose weight the fact that they wanted to resort to cheating shows how low some people will go to win something.

    I thought it was funny that they only won buy one pound and it was due to Roz cutting her hair.moreless

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