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    Frasier receives the lifetime achievement award.

    By Bountyhunterc28, May 16, 2007

    Frasier and Roz are shutout at this year’s Seabees but Frasier is awarded the lifetime achievement award, he later receives flowers from and old mentor Professor Tewksbury, the massage that is written in the card is not what Frasier though it should be, so before the awards banquet, he pays his mentor a visit.

    What begins as a visit ends up being a journey to discover why Frasier feels empty, after everything he has achieved in life, he ends up role playing, becoming his own caller, only to find out that he can not help himself.

    So when Frasier arrives, it’s no surprise that his acceptance speech is short.

    I liked the way Martin tired to keep Niles self-esteem up in this episode, he tried to show Niles that even though he is not getting any awards, he is still as good a physiatrist as Frasier is, even though he did lay it on a bit thick at times, that one good dad for youmoreless

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