Guns N' Neuroses

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    Through a series of ironic twists, Frasier and Lilith get set up on a blind date. Together in Lilith's hotel room for drinks, their blind dates are cancelled and they end up instead, spending the evening together.

    By tt432l, Aug 27, 2005

    This episode is particularly meaningful because it marks the final appearance of Lilith. Bebe Neuworth joined the cast of Cheers at the start of Season 5 (1986). Almost eighteen years later, in the context of Frasier, we say good-bye to her. Despite the usual negative reaction to her presence by the entire cast (Frasier dreams that a volcano is spewing ice), Frasier's and Lilith's final parting more appropriately reflects the depth of their relationship as well as an abiding mutual respect and affection. As Frasier says good-bye to Lilith at the door, we sense too, that Kelsey Grammer and Bebe Neuworth are also saying good-bye to their long relationship as these two beloved characters.


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