Head Game

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    N.C. is in the zone!!!!....

    By uk6strings, Jun 03, 2009

    When Frasier goes on an out-of-town radio psychiatrist convention, Niles fills in on Frasier's show. At the radio station, Niles bumps into a Seattle Supersonics guard Reggie McLemore who needs some help because he has been in a slump lately. After nonchalantly rubbing Niles' head, McLemore plays a great game and begins to think that Niles' head is the key to his game. "Head Game" is pretty funny - Niles at a basketball game has been funny each time they use it on the show. Frasier himself, Kelsey Grammar, is only at the very beginning of the episode because Grammar was being treated for drug problems at the time. His absence is particularly noticeable in this episode - unlike season three's "Moon Dance" when he appears only at the beginning and the end because that is simply a better episode. But, "Head Game" is a fun episode - there is a terrific taken-out-of-context gag between Niles and Reggie and the scene were Daphne helps Niles understand b-ball vernacular by comparing it to a symphony experience is especially funny.moreless

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