High Holidays

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  • 9.5


    By dmarex, Mar 26, 2010

    Another hilarious episode of Frasier revolved around Niles trying to rebel, and Freddie actually doing so. We don't get to see Freddie all that often on the show, but when he does appear it's nice to see the father-and-son dynamic he has with his father. Freddie was just funny when he came into the room dressed as a goth and then refused to do any normal things because he wasn't into it.

    However, the best part of the episode goes to Niles and Martin, who were both amazingly funny acting as if they were high - Martin because he didn't know he was, and Niles because he thought he was. Niles was just great when he was convinced that the cookie has started to have its effect when in reality he was taking a regular cookie. The comments about mixing that fancy food and the comment about his going over his daily chart just had me rolling.

    Meanwhile, Martin was just laugh-out-loud funny when he came back home and started laughing like crazy, and then mixed those foods together. Another great episode of Frasier indeed.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Martin gets stoned (that is so goth).

    By Clarinet2006, Jul 12, 2007

    We are again treated to an unconventional Christmas by who else but the Crane family. Niles wants to be rebellious because he missed out on that stage of life a long tome ago and he wants to reclaim it. However, his attempts to get high are ruined when Martin (not knowing there's pot inside) devours the pot brownie instead and we get a string of funny moments such as "They should let us be giants for a day!" "The yogurt should be going into the chips." and the unforgettable scene where he watches Eddie on the television screen talking in Frasier's voice. This is the best episode of the season right ahead of "The Doctor is Out."moreless

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