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Quotes (2)

  • Martin: Your mother and I saved all that stuff: report cards, finger paintings, poems. It's in an old Ballantines box in the closet. Frasier: Oh Dad, why don't you just admit it? You're more of a sentimentalist then you let on. Martin: Yes, I guess I am. That's the first case of beer your mother and I ever bought together.

  • (Daphne is busy helping Martin with his cufflinks) Niles: (Looking at Daphne's laptop) Um, what is this, Daphne? Daphne: I'm chatting on line with Donny. (computer beeps) Ooh, what's he saying? Niles: (Reading from the screen) Uh, "I can't wait to come home and see my... wittle Engwish cwumpet." Daphne: (giggles softly) Niles: Apparently he has some sort of typing impediment.

Trivia (3)

  • Frasier and Niles think the benefit they are supporting is for a noble cause, like finding a cure for a disease. However, it turns out to be for finding homes for Seattle's stray cats.

  • The auctioneer has the bidding sheet from the lunch, just seconds after the bid has finished.

  • Interesting bit of continuity here. Two episodes prior while planning "The Dinner Party" Frasier, despite being out of blackballs, throws a fig into the bowl at Niles's suggestion of the Cromwells as potential guests. Niles says, "That's just a dried up old fig." To which Frasier responds, "So's Missy Cromwell." In tonight's episode Missy Cromwell has apparently bid on the spa day of beauty, prompting Frasier to observe that her last day of beauty was sometime during the Johnson administration.

Allusions (1)

  • Title: IQ
    The episode title shares the same name as the 1994 Romantic Comedy I.Q.