Kissing Cousin

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Quotes (1)

  • Martin: (to Niles and Daphne who are just leaving Frasier's apartment) Hey guys, are you sure you don't wanna stick around -- I was just gonna open a can of spaghetti. Niles: But... you have sea bass in the fridge... Martin: Oh, it'll prob'ly last another day. Niles: (wisely) Oh, I think you should cook it tonight. Martin: Fine. I'll nuke it with some ketchup. Niles: That's ridiculous -- you can't use your turkey recipe on fish.

Allusions (1)

  • Kenny: I've never seen Asia. I've seen the band Asia, but... The scene opens with a board saying, "He's also seen Boston and Kansas." These are also references to '70s rock giants named after places. Boston ("More Than a Feeling") fell to bits some years ago, but Kansas ("Carry on Wayward Son")and Asia are still touring. In fact, they toured in Europe together a year or two back.