Motor Skills

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    Niles and Frasier take a auto maintenance class.

    By Bountyhunterc28, May 16, 2007

    After Frasier's car breaks down, Frasier and Niles decide to take an auto repair class, so they don't look foolish if their car breaks down again.

    From the start of class, they get behind, manly do to their talking while the teacher is talking, they perform so bad in class that Randy, makes them his "special project".

    They think about quitting but after seeing how proud Daphne and Their dad are they decide to give it another chance, but Roz tells them they should coast through the class, and it ends up getting them kicked out, so they have fake certificates made to fool Martin and Daphne.

    I thought the actor they got to play Randy was a great choice, I love the end scene where Niles and Frasier where messing with him in Café Nervosa, and when he went to look they put the papers back up.moreless

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