Out With Dad

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Quotes (3)

  • Daphne: And you'd think that being engaged, I'd have a guaranteed date. But no! Donny had to go to Florida, his grandmother. She'd do anything to come between us. Martin: Oh, what did she do this time? Daphne: She died.

  • (On Edward.) Frasier: He didn't seem gay to you? Martin: He's English. They all seem gay!

  • Niles: Every restaurant in town's been booked for weeks. I ran into Archie Wilfong today. He told me he had to settle for two seats at the counter at 'The Salad Experience!' What would you suggest I do? Frasier: (Angry) Bring your own wine and order the Spicy Caesar! Niles: (Stalks to the door) May your opera box be full of cellophane crinklers and the stage swarming with standbys!

Notes (4)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: S t├ítou v opeře (With Dad in an Opera House)

  • Brian Bedford, who plays Edward in this episode, also played Greg Stone in the Cheers episode, "How To Recede in Business".

  • Joe Keenan was nominated for a 2000 Writers Guild of America Award for his work on this episode.

  • The script for this episode has been published in The Very Best of Frasier. London: Channel 4 Books, 2001.

Allusions (1)

  • Frasier: "I have laughed with her during Figaro and I've cried with her during Tosca. I even had a dream about her during Einstein on the Beach."
    The Marriage of Figaro by Wolfgang Mozart is one of the world's most famous comic operas. Likewise, Giacomo Puccini's Tosca is one of the best-known tragic operas. Einstein on the Beach is a 1976 opera by composer Philip Glass. Its five-hour running time (performed without intermission!) combined with Glass' minimalist, repetitive style has put a few other patrons to sleep besides Frasier.