Police Story

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Quotes (4)

  • Maureen: So, what brings you guys here? This is mostly a cop hangout. Martin: Well, I used to be on the force. Maureen: Really? Martin: Yeah. Maureen: Wait a minute. Marty Crane? You're Martin Crane! Martin: You're wasting your time in traffic, you're quite a detective. (laughs)

  • Frasier: Oh well! Oh my God, fancy seeing you here! Maureen: Hey, Frasier Crane. Frasier: Oh, you remember me? Maureen: Come on - sixty-two in a forty-mile zone with a half-naked girl in the backseat? (Frasier chuckles, but Martin looks shocked) Frasier: Roz. Martin: Oh.

  • Roz: Faster, Frasier, faster! (throws her leg across and stamps the accelerator) You can make this light! Frasier: God, you're going to get us killed! Roz: I can't be late for this date! Frasier: Oh, this is ridiculous! First the dry cleaner, then the ATM, now you're making me cart you off to some restaurant! Roz: Well, I'm sorry, I didn't plan for my car to be in the shop. But I really, really appreciate it, Frasier. (starts unbuttoning her shirt) Frasier: Oh, a basket of fruit would suffice!

  • Frasier: Well, women don't really like men that are too overeager. Daphne: Oh, nonsense. I mean, you know, it's one thing if the man's some bounder git from the docks, but it's different if the man's like you. Maggie: Someone who's charming. Charlotte: And handsome. Daphne: And knows lots and lots of words. Frasier: Well, McGinty's is on my way to the station. I suppose I could just pop my head in. (picks up his briefcase and goes to the door) Thank you, ladies, for your support - even if it was nakedly self-serving and insincere.

Trivia (2)

  • When Martin calls the police station to get information of the female cop (Maureen Cutler), he ends the conversations in less than 30 seconds. He then gives Frasier a list of information on her that he could not have received in the time he was on the phone.

  • Frasier cannot blow out the "magic" candles on his cake, but a mere second after he gives up trying, not only are the candles out, but they are no longer on the cake.

Allusions (1)

  • Episode Title: Police Story Alludes to the 1973 television series of the same name.