Roe to Perdition

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    Frasier and Niles buy caviar on the black market.

    By Bountyhunterc28, Jun 22, 2007

    Nile and Frasier plan on buying Beluga caviar, but its costs $100 an ounce, a fisherman named Peter tells them he has good beluga caviar at a cheap price.

    Of course at first they think it’s a scheme, but Peter is true to his word, and the caviar is such a hit that Roz becomes addicted to it and everybody wants some.

    Peter tells then that it’s becoming too dangerous to sell the caviar, so he gives them a last batch and disappears, desperate to fill their order and hide it from Roz, they find the ship that Peter came in on a buy 5 pounds of it for 80.00.

    I never knew people could become obsessed with that stuff, but I figured Niles and Frasier would like it.moreless

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