Sliding Frasiers

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    "I wonder if I'll ever see another unmentionable" / "Tonight, I have a date with an angel!" ....

    By uk6strings, Jun 02, 2009

    An odd turn for Frasier, season eight episode "Sliding Frasiers" takes a look at alternate realities. Woah! Alternate realities? That's Star Trek fare! Well, maybe - but this unique episode in the Frasier series is very well written and absolutely hilarious, with themes regarding fate and how the smallest choices we make can have a great impact on our lives.

    The choice that Frasier has to make? Wearing a sweater or a suit to a speed-dating event. The sweater puts him on the fast track to a night speed-dating and depression while the suit gets him into a relationship with the clumsy but striking Monica (played by then-future NYPD regular Charlotte Ross).

    I'm biased towards Frasier because it is my all-time favorite TV show - but I find the vast majority of Frasier episodes laugh-out-loud hilarious. "Sliding Frasiers" is no exception; in fact it is one of the greatest Frasier episodes from season eight and one of the most memorable of the series. The jokes in "Sliding Frasiers" are as smart and clever as they usually are throughout the Frasier series but it also has a different style and cerebral element that is not always seen in the series.moreless

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    Valentine's Day.

    By Bountyhunterc28, May 17, 2007

    In this Valentine's Day episode we see Frasier's Valentine's Day from two different view points, one point he meets a beautiful woman, the other he stays at home, and the woman meets another guy. We also see two different versions of Daphne and Niles' Valentines one has everything going right and the other has everything going wrong.

    In the end everything works out for Niles and Daphne, but not so much with Frasier, as the woman he was dating ends up with the man that was in his other scenario.

    A personal favorite, and well done, I like the double scenario scenes, showing what Frasier would have done had he not asked out Monica.moreless

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