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    Bar mitzvah.

    By dmarex, Feb 22, 2010

    Another one in a series of somewhat refreshed Frasier episodes brings us Freddie's bar mitzvah. For me personally, any episode with Lillith is always quite amazing. Her presence, or shall we say "cold presence," makes way for such funny lines and great scenes that it's hard not to laugh.

    I loved each aspect of the episode; starting with how Freddie invited the whole world just to get presents, that little sign of jealousy Daphne had when she learned Niles had slept with Lillith years ago, and that little kid that kept making comments during the bar mitzvah.

    Moving on to the best parts of the episode, I was laughing like crazy when both Lillith and Frasier delivered their speeches at the bar mitzvah, and especially when Frasier spoke in Klingon after Noel got his revenge for Frasier's mistake.

    And of course, who could forget Martin's camera which made me laugh every single time he used it. It's too funny for words.moreless

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