Star Mitzvah

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  • Niles: (referring to his one night stand with Lilith) And remember, I was drunk! Daphne: Well you'd have to be, wouldn't you! Oh, I'm sorry Dr.Crane. Frasier: Don't be, drinking certainly did take the edge off!

  • Lilith: Can you forgive me? Freddie: Yeah, for everything but naming me "Gaylord." (they hug)

  • Lilith: Which one of us do you suppose humiliated him more? Frasier: Oh, I think I did. I've been trying to console myself with the idea that without embarrassing parents, there'd be no psychology. Poor kid. Lilith: Actually, today he is a man. Frasier: (putting his arm around her) He is, isn't he? Gendler: (approaching them and taking their hands) Mazel Tov. You must be very proud - of your son, not yourselves. Lilith: (as he exits) We are, thank you, Rabbi.

  • Daphne: Oh, that was lovely. Gendler: What was that gobbledygook? Frasier: Well, it's-it's a blessing for my son, "Pookh Lod Wih Le Koo." Gendler: That means nothing. It's gibberish. Frasier: What? Jeremy: That's not gibberish. It's Klingon. Gendler: What? Frasier: Oh, dear God! JeremyFreddie's Dad just blessed him in Klingon. Frasier: (mortified) I'm terribly sorry. I... I... will you excuse me, please? (He quickly runs out of the hall. Everybody, including the Rabbi, can't contain their amusement) Gendler: Okay, everybody. It's better to end with laughter than tears. I don't know how they say it in outer space, but here we say (putting his hands toward Freddie's head) ahava and shalom - Love and Peace. Dinner will be served in the multi-purpose room in twenty minutes. (The Rabbi shakes Freddie's hand and walks off. Jeremy approaches him) Jeremy: Hey that was awesome, Gaylord. Freddie: Shut up, Berman. Jeremy: Seriously, your dad's Klingon is really good. Freddie: What did he say? Jeremy: Well, roughly translated, it says, "My dearest son, each day you redeem me. May your journey be filled with the same joy, wisdom, and purpose you have given mine." It's a lot more beautiful in the original Klingon, but it's still really cool.

  • Lilith: Thank you. I am very proud to participate in the coming-of-age ritual of my son, Frederick Gaylord Crane. (A boy laughs at this, interrupting) Jeremy: (catching himself) Oh. Lilith: Frederick, on this momentous occasion, I can only look at you and see that innocent, chubby-legged toddler who once danced naked at the Boston Pops... the little boy whose favorite dish was "buh-sghetti." (Freddie covers his face in embarrassment) Lilith: I can't count the number of bedtimes we spent cuddled together reading The Cat in the Hat. (Freddie looks up at her in disbelief) Lilith: "The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play, so we sat in the house on that cold, cold wet day." (Frasier is also bemused by Lilith's antics. Lilith breaks into tears. The Rabbi tries to console them) Lilith: Don't grow up! Not yet! (She emotionally hugs Freddie) Daphne: (to Niles) Nice girlfriend you've got there. Niles: If you're trying to embarrass me, it's not going to work. (However, that ship sails when a very emotional Martin leans across and hugs Niles) Martin: Come here, Daddy's little peanut man. Frasier: (leading Lilith back to her seat) It'll be all right.

  • Roz: Wow. A wig? That's cruel even for Frasier. Noel: Cruel? It's only the wig Joan Collins wore in Star Trek Twenty-Eight, "City on the Edge of Forever." It's probably still got her DNA in it. Roz: (reading Frasier's note) "Dear Noel. I hope this begins to repay you for your great kindness to me, especially in light of my negligence. Your friend, Frasier Crane." Noel: He called me "friend"? Roz: That's really sweet of him. (Noel, looking very guilty and remorseful, grabs his cell phone) Noel: I've got to call him before he delivers his speech. Roz: You taught him dirty words in Hebrew, didn't you? Noel: Uh, not quite. They're the same words, but they're in Klingon. Roz: From Star Trek? That's not even real. Noel: It's the fastest growing language on the planet! This is what you people don't understand. (becoming passionate) A man named Gene Roddenberry had a vision... Roz: CALL HIM!

  • Frasier: Long story short, you see, I attended an art opening and a luncheon on Saturday, and even though I left the luncheon early the traffic on the way to the convention was just awful and by the time I got there, Mr. Bakula and all the others had gone. Noel: (deeply distressed) No...! You made a promise and you welshed on it! Why'd you do it, Dr. Crane? Frasier: It's not really such a big deal is it, Noel? Noel: It's a huge deal! Who knows when I'll get to see Scott Bakula again? I'll be the laughingstock of my clan! Frasier: Noel, try to remem... clan? No, never mind, never mind! Noel, surely you realize that Star Trek is just a TV show. Noel: So was Brideshead Revisited! Frasier: (furious, then) You're angry, so I'm going to ignore that. But with all due respect, Noel, perhaps weaning yourself off science fiction might be the first step toward achieving a genuine, meaningful, grownup person's life! (realizing his voice has risen) Just a friendly suggestion. Noel: You're right. You did your best and that's good enough for me. Frasier: Thank you, Noel. So, you'll still be my tutor? Noel: Sure. Frasier: Good man. Thank you. (tapping his shoulder) I'll see you tomorrow. (Frasier exits) Noel: (menacingly) Oh, yes, you will see me tomorrow. And by the rings of Septaurus Five you will pay, Dr. Crane. You... (he stops as Kenny walks by) Oh hi, Kenny! ...will pay!

  • Frasier: In a complete drunken stupor... Martin: Totally stinko... Niles: Yes... I had an unplanned, uh, and instantly regretted, uh, night of amore... with Lilith. Daphne: A one-nighter? Niles: (stupidly) Of amore. (Martin and Frasier look at each other in discomfort) Daphne: Lilith?! Niles: Well, it was after Maris, and long before you. In fact, it's pretty funny when you think about it. (He laughs nervously. Frasier and Martin join. Daphne is not amused) Niles: And remember, I was drunk. Daphne: You'd have to be, wouldn't you? (realizing) Oh, sorry, Frasier. Frasier: Oh no, drinking definitely took the edge off. Daphne: And when were you planning on sharing this interesting bit of information with me? Niles: Soon... very soon... never.

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Notes (3)

  • Frederick was born November 1989 on "Cheers". He turned 11 in January 1999, yet is back to his original age of 13 in this episode.

  • In this episode, Frederick's middle name is revealed to be Gaylord.

  • This episode aired at 9:30 PM because of a special 90- minute Fear Factor.

Trivia (8)

  • In this episode we learn that Noel Shempsky can speak Hebrew. In Season Six's "Roz, A Loan" we learn that he speaks Spanish. If you include Klingon, that means that Noel speaks four languages.

  • Following Frederick's reading and his parents' speeches, the rabbi concludes the service and says that dinner will be served in twenty minutes. However, the reading that Frederick is implied to have chanted is a haftarah, which is said at the Saturday morning service. As such, it makes little sense that they would be serving dinner so shortly afterward. Furthermore, the haftarah is read approximately half-way through the service, and there should likely have been close to an hour left to the prayer service at this point.

  • Lilith is shown wearing a hat to the synagogue service. However, although it is a common custom for women to wear a hat or other hair covering to synagogue, such a mode of dress would seem extremely out of place at a congregation that would have co-ed seating and would allow microphones and photography on the Sabbath, such as the one featured in this episode. Furthermore, even where this custom is followed, hats would only be worn by married women.

  • Following Frasiers "blessing" in Klingon, the rabbi says that although he doesn't know how they say blessings in outer space, what we say here is "Ahava v'Shalom - Love and Peace." However, although ahava v'shalom does in fact translate to "love and peace" (in Hebrew), this is by no means a traditional Jewish blessing or greeting.

  • Noel ask Frasier if he's ready for yeshiva, and tells him that it means "school". However, a yeshiva is not simply a school, but is actually a typically all-male institution for immersion in advanced religious and biblical studies.

  • Noel says that Scott Bakula is appearing at a Star Trek convention in Seattle. However, Scott Bakula's first convention appearance was not until August 2006 in Las Vegas.

  • The words Frederick recites in Hebrew at the beginning of the bar mitzvah scene, are, in fact, the correct last words of the concluding blessing recited following a 'haftarah' - the reading typically done at a bar mitzvah. Frederick then sings the word "ameyn" (the Hebrew word from which the English word "amen" is taken). However, "ameyn" is a congregational response, and should not be said by the person actually saying the blessing. As such, Frederick should not have said it, but everyone else should have but didn't.

  • Frederick turns 13 in this episode, but he was already 13 in the Season 8 episode "Cranes Unplugged". However, he should be 13, as he was born in November 1989 on "Cheers". He was aged too rapidly for a while, but the writers now seem to have corrected this.

Allusions (1)

  • Episode Title: Star Mitzvah This combines the title of the TV series (and movies) Star Trek with "Bar Mitzvah", since Frasier ends up giving Frederick's Bar Mitzvah speech in Klingon.