The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl (2)

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  • Frasier: No, it's alright, Roz. Why don't you just run along for your date. I can handle the last ten minutes here. Roz: Are you sure? Frasier: Sure! Roz: I mean, I'd feel terrible leaving you here alone in a lurch. We are a team, Frasier, so just say the word and I'll stay- Hey! Hold that elevator!

  • Frasier: Listeners... for the fourth time this hour, I am not the Happy Chef. I am the Irritated Psychiatrist, Dr. Frasier Crane!

  • Daphne: (in front of Frasier and Kate) Eddie, what's that on your chin? Have you been in the garbage, again? You bad boy!

  • Bulldog: Doc, I got one thing to say to you-I am so proud of you, man! (hugs Frasier) Frasier: Doesn't that just put the cherry on the parfait?

  • Niles: If you're talking about the little kiss you two shared, that hardly constitutes a dilemma. It's not as if you plunged into a tawdry office affair. Frasier: No. Niles: Then you'd have a real problem. Frasier: Yes. Niles: A kiss? It's nothing. Frasier: Right. Niles: (grinning) Had sex with her, didn't you?

  • Frasier: Dog saliva: nature's miracle solvent.

  • Frasier: I've told half a dozen reporters that I'm not going to name names. Roz: Yeah, don't you see this right here? (holds up newspaper) "I Won't Fink Says Kinky Shrink."

  • Niles: Course, it's been no picnic for those of us who share your name. My Maris took it particularly hard. When I left this morning, she was ordering new stationery with an accent aigu over the "e" in our name. Hereafter, her memos will read, "From the desk of Maris Crané."

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Notes (1)

  • Timothy Mozer received a 1996 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Editing in a Multi-Camera Series. In addition, Mozer was nominated for an 1996 Eddie by the American Cinema Editors, USA.

Trivia (1)

  • This is the first episode in Season Three to feature a scene at Cafe Nervosa, which is odd considering it was a prominent and much used setting in the first two seasons. Perhaps the writers felt the set was overused in the first two seasons for fear of comparisons to Cheers which was set in a bar, a concern the producers alluded to on the Season One DVD.

Allusions (2)

  • Title: DIRTY GIRL, SIGN IN PLEASE This alludes to the 1950-1967 CBS quiz show, What's My Line, hosted by John Charles Daly. Contestants would "sign in", and then members of the panel would try to guess their unusual occupation.

  • Character: Deirdre Sauvage "Deirdre Sauvage" is the name of a romance novelist character in Joe Keenan's novel Blue Heaven.