The Ann Who Came to Dinner

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    Maris flees the country to avoid prosecution.

    By Bountyhunterc28, Jul 19, 2007

    Martin forgets to send in Frasier's home insurance policy, and Frasier finds out that it is too expensive to re-new with the same company, so Roz suggest he talks to Ann Roz's friend whom Frasier had a bad date a few months back.

    Maris gets out on bail and comes up with an idea of escaping prosecution, all the wile sending Niles on a wild goose chase, when finally revealing in a letter that she is shipping her self to a private island, because she doesn't think she could get a fair trial.

    The last we hear or "see" of Maris, and the last we hear of her case, its nice that Frasier and sort of patched things up as well.moreless

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