The Babysitter

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    The reason Niles dusts chairs before sitting down on them is revealed.

    By Bountyhunterc28, Jul 06, 2007

    Frasier and Niles enter a furniture store looking for a chair for Frasier's new office when he returns to private practice.

    While shopping they run into their old babysitter Ronee Lawrence, and we finally find out why Niles is always wiping off things.

    Frasier invites her over to get caught up, with hops of starting a romantic relationship, but what he doesn't suspect is for Martin to start working his charm.

    So throughout the night both Frasier and Martin compete for Ronee's attention, and when she is called off to work, they both go down there to have her choose one of them.

    Ronee is a great character, and its good that she wasn't a one time character, but became a recurring one.moreless

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    Frasier and Martin fight for the attention of the same women - the boys former babysitter Ronee

    By DHPLover, Jul 12, 2006

    Although I didn’t think this was a classic episode it was an important one because it introduced Ronee, who turned out to be an important character throughout the rest of the season.

    I liked this episode because it combined several plot lines together really well. Niles was worried about becoming a parent and Frasier invading his territory by returning to private practice, Frasier was also concerned about his venture. I thought it also had some brilliant one-liners in it as well –

    “Hurry back Momma likes an audience” “Good coz Daddy likes to watch”

    “Since when do I bring you women? Who are you the Sultan of Brunei?” – particularly KG’s delivery of that line.

    I thought the whole cheese thing was hilarious, especially Niles’ reaction to the viagra – “they give that away with Velveeta?” as well as the mad scramble to hide it when Martin came back in.

    It also cracked me up to discover that the cause of the bug and germ phobia that Niles has is all down to Ronee and the bedtime stories that she used to tell him. I thought that was brilliant.

    Not a classic episode but certainly a good one.


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