The Good Son

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    About this episode

    By JordanWelch, May 09, 2013

    It had wonderful written and directing.

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    Gold from the Beginning

    By TraHag, Feb 14, 2011

    This pilot was won of the best written funniest pilots ever in television history. It would go on to win writing for a comedy series at the 1994 Emmy Awards. This was the first of many funny episodes and would be a wonderful start to a classical eleven year series

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    The premiere.

    By dmarex, Apr 09, 2010

    The premiere of the long-running show was amazing in every sense of the word. Each part of Frasier's life was beautifully portrayed and introduced to the viewers. I never watched Frasier during his Cheers days, so this was a new experience for me, but for now each character is intriguing in its own way.

    I have watched the entire show already once, and am beginning to watch it again, and it's bittersweet to see how great the pilot was. The jokes are all quite clever, and I'm loving the ride to where it all began. It's weird how everyone's story is just about to start.moreless

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    Frasier Debuts

    By damanray, Dec 29, 2009

    The Pilot is the best setup for a brilliant show. The beauty is the immediately recognisable characters who as an audience we warm to a few lines in. Niles 'and speaking of that i heard your show today'

    Daphne 'Oh you've caught me with me hand in the basket case'

    Martin 'Thanks if i hadn't lived here my entire life i would never have noticed'

    Roz doesn't really have much development other than her sarcastic tone. Lupe Velez was pretty interesting.

    Kelsey comes off the best with his nervous pompous portrayal of Frasier. He is different to the Frasier of Cheers, but that's all explained in the season 3 finale. A Pilot truly worthy of its emmy awardsmoreless

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    Probably one of the funniest pilots I have evr seen in my whole entire life...

    By Iverson82094, Dec 28, 2007

    Frasier Crane, everyone's favorite self-absorbed psychiatrist from "Cheers," moves back to his hometown of Seattle. He has a promising new job as a radio psychiatrist, and he's living in a beautifully furnished apartment. Then his brother, Niles, informs him that their father, a retired policeman who was wounded in the line of duty, can no longer live alone. Frasier realizes that a nursing home would be too harsh for Martin, so reluctantly, he invites Martin to move in with him. But Frasier gets more than he bargained for when a psychic English homecare specialist and Martin's four-legged companion join them. This pilot was without a doubt hilarious what a way to kick off one of the most intelligent and most hilarious shows to ever air on all of TV.moreless

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    The first ever episode of Frasier

    By trsba, Oct 04, 2007

    Introduction to all the character starting with Frasier and Niles in Cafe Nervosa. The Radio Station program with Roz Doyle. Then we get to meet Martin Crane and his dog Eddie. We get a great view of Frasier's apartment from the introduction of Martin's Lazy Boy to all of Frasier's furniture and art. The introduction of Daphne Moon and her psychic abilities. A very solid introduction to my favourite series of all time. Martin's phone call to Frasier calling into the show was good. Good to see some witty comments from Niles and talking about Maris the wife that we'll never see.moreless

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    What a clever way to introduce a new series!

    By Sprigit, Sep 25, 2006

    As in all new television shows, the main characters must be introduced. The makers of Frasier did a wonderful job of this by introducing the characers one by one, and by using a subheading before each of those scenes. Kelsey Grammer does such an excellent job playing the part of Dr. Frasier Crane. Kelsey gave an especially wonderful facial expression when Frasier's brother Niles insulted his radio show by implying that it was mundane. The other actors and actresses also are perfect for the roles that they play, and they are more beloved during later episodes as their characters become more developed.

    The ending credits are even interesting. While Kelsey Grammer's voice is heard singing the theme song, the actors wordlessly act out a very amusing scene that refers back to an earlier event in the episode. This particular episode not only has delightful humor but also the right amount of human drama as well. And this is just the beginning. Keep watching...moreless

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    I thought that this episode was the most beautifully written pilot. Great casting and directing

    By aiyer84, Mar 25, 2006

    I had found one major observation for both of the pilot episode and the series finale of Frasier. The chair that Niles moved in the pilot was not the one moved in the finale. It was not the chair that Frasier brought down in the finale, but a different one instead. You should watch the pilot episode and the finale too see what I am talking about.

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    I very much liked this episode which started a great era and following for one of the best \"Spin-Offs\" of all time. One Problem, when on Cheers Frazier said on atleast one occasion that his father had passed away. HMMMM!!!

    By klmbrt, Sep 20, 2005

    I very much liked this episode which started a great era and following for one of the best \"Spin-Offs\" of all time. One Problem, when on Cheers Frazier said on atleast one occasion that his father had passed away. HMMMM!!! How could this be when the show centered around Frazier and his Father???

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