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  • 8.8

    Dating trouble.

    By dmarex, Feb 03, 2011

    Another great episode which manages to showcase exactly how confused and weird Frasier can get when he's dating, and it also shows why he hasn't had a steady date for ages, and why he probably never will.

    I loved the main story with Frasier attempting to date Ann, and then meeting a person as attractive as Liz (damn, that Krista Allen is just too hot for words). I loved how he attempted to get rid of Ann, who was just annoying, yet for some reason I didn't want to see her get her feelings hurt, heh. I just knew she would ruin things for Frasier.

    Meanwhile, the sub-story with the stealing wasn't anything special. Nothing much happened there, really.moreless

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  • 6.0


    By thefanof, Feb 03, 2011

    Okay, so now I am starting to buy into the notion that Season 11 of Frasier is a bit of a letdown. Tonight we saw a random storyline with Niles and Daphne suspecting their maid was stealing from them. This came entirely out of the blue and was only covered in the span of about 4 minutes. While their teasing of the tape was funny, why not devote an episode building toward this?

    Frasier being the fifth wheel was also a really forgettable storyline. A bit too cliched for a show that is usually very original and clever in everything it does.moreless

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