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Quotes (2)

  • Frasier: Listen, Roz, I may not go out as often as you do, but that's because I have standards. Haven't you ever heard of waiting for Miss Right? Roz: Yeah, well, Miss Right has standards too, and she's not looking to meet Mr. Mothballs.

  • Martin: Mrs. Gablyczyck, we're friends here. No one wants to send you to jail or back to your country. We just need you to admit you took the money. Mrs. Gablyczyck: I no take nothing! Martin: You wanna go to jail? You wanna go back to your country!

Notes (1)

  • Kelsey Grammer worked with Julia Sweeney previously when he hosted Saturday Night Live in 1994.

Trivia (4)

  • The book that Ann carries with her is Likely To Die by Linda Fairstein.

  • When Frasier pays the check and is trying to get rid of Ann and she says "there's no sense in all this food going to waste" and takes out her book Frasier sees that she is not going to leave right away he could have suggested like he did before for them to wrap her food up so she could leave right away.

  • Twice at dinner with Ann, Frasier says that his phone has rung when no one else can hear it. When questioned, he need only have said that it was set on vibrate -- a considerate setting in public places where others might be disturbed.

  • Frasier was allergic to cats in "It's Hard to Say Goodbye If You Won't Leave", yet here he has no problems with them.