They're Playing Our Song

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    If less is more, just think how much more "more" will be!

    By sandrilene23, Mar 04, 2009

    Frasier is asked to come up with a jingle to introduce his show. He has his heart set on composing one himself. As usual, he takes it way too far. Instead of a ten-second jingle, Frasier's first attempt is a fully-orchestrated song, complete with a chorus, a dramatic monologue (read by Niles), and even a triangle player (Roz's boyfriend du jour). I thought this episode was hilarious. It's always amusing to watch Frasier make himself look like a pompous jerk, and in the end he does come up with a usable jingle. On another note, I thought his original effort sounded oddly similar to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody."moreless

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