Three Valentines

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    Valentines seen from 3 different perspectives.....Niles, Fraiser and Daphne and Martin.

    The trials and tribulations of love and the things we do for love.

    By BuskieBoy, Jan 20, 2011

    This is a wonderful episode. It is a wonderful growth episode for Daphne and Martin and some more hilarity from Fraiser, but in my humble opinion, Niles (David Hyde Pierce) steals the show.

    The opening bit had me holding my stomach and begging for it to stop. The chain of events, and how it keeps going is pure genius and is very very funny! I won't go into details in case your one of those folks living in that proverbial cave, but be warned, you will laugh and laugh HARD!!!!!

    David Hyde Pierce surely MUST have won an Emmy for this one?

    This man has a fantastic comedic timing. Not only for this one, but

    it shows in all of the series! Do they give Emmy's for casting? Because

    who ever decided to cast him for Fraiser should get an award!


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  • 9.7

    Brilliantly acted and written three-part exploration of the trials and tribulations of romantic pursuits.

    By Ctblauvelt, Jan 20, 2011

    Absolutely brilliant three-part episode showing the different Valentines’ Day experiences of Niles, Frasier, and Daphne and Martin. I love David Hyde Pierce’s physical comedy in the first segment where he absolutely destroys Frasier’s apartment trying to iron out a crease in his pants. But I think the best by far is Frasier’s segment where Kelsey Grammar perfectly conveys the confusion that men always feel in trying to scope out exactly what intentions a guy’s date has for the evening. Such an insightful episode about the confusion of dating, the woes of creating the perfect romantic atmosphere, and the need we all have to be found attractive by another human being. A+ (97)moreless

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