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  • 8.6

    It's Christmas time.

    By dmarex, Feb 27, 2010

    I kinda missed Martin's excitement over Christmas this time around, guess that's something that won't be brought back as it was in earlier seasons. While this episode may not have been the greatest one written, the heart was in its place. I loved how the bickering caused Martin to go working, and how the boys arranged for the gifts to be switched.

    Of course, I instantly knew they would do some stupid mistake like they did, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the episode as a nice relaxing Christmas episode. The sub-story with Roz was fine until Roz started rejected the guy because he wasn't Santa. Actually, when I think about it - it was quite funny.moreless

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    Season 10's Christmas episode.

    By Bountyhunterc28, Jun 15, 2007

    It's Daphne and Niles first Christmas together as a married couple, and they want to celebrate it at the Montana, but Frasier won't have it, so they get into a fight and Martin decides to work and claims they ruined Christmas.

    So to make it up to him they plan on moving all of the real gifts to the station and the fake ones home, a plan that backfires when Martin is given the day off because his boos felt guilty about asking him to work.

    Nice Christmas episode it was good that Niles and Frasier where finally able to put aside their pity argument of where to have Christmas and enjoy it.moreless

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