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    Please don't hate me on this, but I don't think I find this show interesting at all.

    By bautistakenrick856, May 18, 2015

    The only cartoon characters I find are far more hilarious is Wakko, Wander and Pinky. Freakazoid is just arrogant, unintelligent and immature.

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    Freakazoid has everything that makes it an instant classic and should be brought back on the air.

    By That_TV_Dude, Sep 24, 2011

    Just like Stephen Spielberg's Animaniacs, Freakazoid was an instant hit, but it was short lived and only lasted 2 seasons. The show centers around Dexter Douglas, a typical teenage nerd who one night logs onto his computer and is thrown into the internet where he becomes the craziest, weirdest, and yet the funniest hero ever, Freakazoid! Freakazoid battles villains and saves the world so the story is not complex,but is executed in an interesting way. The stories all have interesting villains that are unique and are hilarious. Freakazoid himself is just random and hilarious and has great superpowers as well that come from cyberspace. he always makes jokes that will never fail to amuse anyone at all. The artwork and animation look excellent. Characters are drawn uniquely, and the same animation is never used. The humor in this show is some of the best I have ever seen and is guaranteed to make you laugh until your sides hurt. Everything about Freakazoid is done perfectly. The characters are unique and funny, Freakazoid is a unique and awesome hero, and the humor will never fail to impress. I just hope this show will return or come out on DVD. This show deserved to last longer and we need good shows like Freakazoid back on the air.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Review sponsored by Anubis Market.

    By mowub, Apr 12, 2011

    A short-lived, but hilarious animated series from the people that brought you Animaniacs. The story follows Freakazoid, pretty much the craziest superhero ever invented. He can't fly, so he runs with his arms out in front of him, making whooshing noises. Littered throughout the show are fourth-wall breaks, self-referential humor, obscure pop culture references (The Stockard Channing Show), live-action stock footage (a man wrestling a bear), strange catchphrases (HUGGBEES!!), and plenty of things that went flying over the heads of young children, making it a cult classic.

    Sadly, it's not on TV at the moment, but the DVDs are coming soon.moreless

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    A bizarre show with bizarre humor and bizarre characters. Nevertheless, those things all mix together for a hilariously insane cartoon.

    By MichelleRosalyn, Feb 27, 2009

    Freakazoid! was a severely underappreciated show. The problem with it is people are either too dumb to understand any of the jokes or not used to the fast-paced, crazy atmosphere presented in this show. This show works mostly off of its insane humor, brilliant voice actors, and wonderful music. While I am basing my opinion off the first season of the show (having not seen the second), I can honestly say that the characters needed more time to develop. I never really began to care about any of them on an emotional level. With Animaniacs and The Simpsons, that kind of empathy came to me quickly, but in this show, it was a bit more difficult. This show had so much potential to branch out and develop even more, but it was canceled much too quickly to do that. Nevertheless, we get an amazing program that surpasses the quality of most cartoons today. I would have loved to see the creative jokes and the hilarious plotlines carry into modern television, but unfortunately, a show like this is rare. It may have been weird, but that's what made Freakazoid! unique, bold, and different compared to the vast multitude of other programs.moreless

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    best cartoon ever

    By RodimusZoro, Nov 09, 2008

    freakazoid is my favorite cartoon, and one of my favorite shows of all time, the show is hilairiously random and completly ahead of its time, i remember watching this show when i was little and loving it and now at 15 i love this show even more, sadly though it was cancelled at only 1 1/2 seasons because it didnt apply to its target audience (young children) which is obviosu because children are stupid and have to have everything explained to them, so please if you havent seen it yet buy the first season on dvd you wont regret it no matter how old you are, this show is a masterpiecemoreless

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  • 9.1

    Gosh, this show brings back so many memories. I just remember eating soup one day and I told my brother that it was on. I can't believe I found it on here and now i keep asking my brother "do u remember that show? a lot of memories for me and my bro

    By shart105, Jul 28, 2008

    Freakazoid is basically about a teen boy who leads ouble-lives by switching his identity from boy to hero evry so often-in mere seconds. This show, I remember, did not last long. It was wierd, I don't even know what channel it used to be on. hmm? anyway, it was funny watching the Christmas episode, i remember that one the most, i don't know why, and the one where he eneters the restaurant looking for something-it kind of is a Batman replica because the usher looked a little like the butler in Batman, but it was still enjoyable! great, great memories. 90's rulemoreless

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    an awesome action cartoon

    By Nich2000, Aug 17, 2007

    Dexter Douglas is a mild-mannered teenager who, while logged onto the Internet one Christmas, is thrust into a horrible crash on the information superhighway and transformed into an electrifying superhero. He's average, predictable, the middle of the bell curve and the center of the silent majority, which most consider completely dull and boring; the type of person who just blends into the crowd. However, all this changes when he turns into the Freakazoid, a lightening haired superhero who wears red underwear who uses his new abilities to fight evil and do battle with villains such as the Lobe. That is, unless Cosgrove, his best friend and chief of police, can suggest something better to do. With his many trusted sidekicks, his fabulous Freakalair and his girlfriend Steph by his side, he's ready to save the day; that is, unless there's something better on TV.

    Character Descriptions

    Freakazoid is the hero of our show, the crazy alter-ego of Dexter Douglas. He draws his amazing powers of super speed and strength from cyberspace, which he obtained after an accident involving a Pinnacle Computer Chip. While he does his best to save the day, he's considered a lunatic and often does the unexpected.

    Dexter Douglas is the teenage geek alter-ego of Freakazoid, he's quiet, mild mannered and a bit of a nerd; though he does keep his other identity a secret. However, when evil rears its ugly head, Dexter will "Freak Out" to become the mighty Freakazoid.

    Cosgrove is the chief of police and Freakazoid's best friend. He's always on the hand with good advice for our hero and he typically has a neat idea about how to spend the afternoon. While he's not always useful, he usually does come along to bust the bad guys when Freakazoid managed to defeat the villains.

    Steph is both Dexter and Freakazoid's love interest; she's considered an attractive character but is romantically interested in Freakazoid, which makes Dexter upset; though it does permit her to be around to help Freakazoid save the day at times.

    The Lobe is Freakazoid's archenemy; he's always coming up with diabolical schemes that will help him take over the world, though despite his huge brain, he's always running into Freakazoid's opposition at every turn.

    The Huntsman, formally Marty Feeb, is a super strong, super fast hero who lives in the forest, but will run to the city to fight crime in a jiffy whenever 'The Horn of Urgency' is sounded. Provided it isn't a slow crime day, that is.

    Lord Bravery is an up and coming British super hero trying to make his name. Things just never seem to go right for him though.moreless

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    Everyone needs a hero in underwear.

    By KGBPACKFAN, Apr 29, 2007

    Freakazoid! was a greatly underappreciated show that was cut down do to low ratings and new FCC rules. This show was ahead of what age group it tried to reach out to because of it's strong use of adult contented humor which kids don't get and it's many shots at everything in the world. Heck! It made fun of the pope. Freakazoid! was as off the wall as Animaniacs if not more off the wall. The show had a great use of comedy among culture and even made fun of itself. The characters really made this show a classic as well as great reason to watch because even the villians were hilariously funny along with the heroes and special guests. It's a real shame it only lasted two years and should be brought back where it can hopefully be appreciated more.moreless

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    Dexter Douglas becomes a super-charged hero after a horrible crash on the internet. He isn't as dedicated as most would like him to be but he gets the job done...if he feels like it.

    By alexjcwong, Mar 26, 2007

    A funny show about a not-so super hero battling strange alien creatures Freakazoid! is a show that combines joking behaviour with a superhero show. The amazing storyline and funny moments like when Freakazoid realises he can't fly are what make this show so great. Helped alot by the fact that the character design allows for these comedic moments to be so effective. Considering it was made by the guys who brought us pinky and the brain Freakazoid! is a real gem concealed in the cartoon rough that deserves to be brought back!!! I hope that you all agree with me. Thank You.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Craziest superhero ever, fights the strangest menacing creatures.

    By twilightboy, Dec 21, 2006

    There is not a whole lot i can say about this show, because it was probably on colombian TV for 6 months tops. Things i remmember: The name Steven Spielberg on the credits, the horrible haircut on Freakazoids head, the incredible and witty-funny dialogues, the humor and the crazy situations we would find each episode. Sadly, this kind of humor gets old easily and the show went downhill pretty quickly. The animation was very much ala Animaniacs, the colors, the drawings, even the expressions and the humor were borrowed or at least were payed homage by the producers.

    Very funny but gets old easily.moreless

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