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  • Jones: We've been at this forever! It will never end! We're lost in spa... never mind.

  • Vorn: I am Vorn the Unspeakable. I am the enemy of the enemy of he who summoned me! And you are? Freakazoid: I am Freakazoid, the chatty one!

  • Cosgrove: My advice: Watch out for Jeepers. Freakazoid: Cuz he's into magic and such? Cosgrove: No, because he's a nut!

  • Steph: Are we in Venice Beach, California? We should buy sunglasses!

  • Vorn: I want to eat them. Jeepers: No! Vorn: What if I eat you? Jeepers: I would resent that.

  • Jeepers: Freakazoid will pay. Oh, is he going to get it! I'm very passive-aggresive!

  • Jeepers (trying to get his watch back from Freakazoid): If you give me that watch, I'll give you a jar full of nickels!

  • Announcer: So, Freakazoid and his friends set off to interview monsters who would lead them to Vorn the Unspeakable, who would lead them to Jeepers, who had a watch that turned Stepf into stone and they all lived together in the house that Jack built, blah blah blah.

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  • Animation Services: Koko Enterprise Co. Ltd., Dong Yang Animation Co, Ltd.

Allusions (3)

  • 'The House that Jack Built' A popular British nursery rhyme and a famous Aretha Franklin song (not related to the nursery rhyme).

  • 'Gorgon' Gorgons are mythical Greek creatures with snakes on their head that can turn someone into stone if they look into their eyes. 'Medusa' Medusa is famous Gorgon in Greek mythology who is defeated by Persues.

  • Vorn the Unspeakable's character is very similar to H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulu.