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    After a car accident Lindsay gets mad at Daniel, Kim, and Ken and goes back to being the way she was before she started hanging out with them.

    By RoryJamesSaywer, Sep 12, 2010

    Daniel convinces Lindsay to barrow her fathers car. While Lindsay, Kim, Daniel, Nick, and Ken are driving they get into an accident. After yelling at Daniel, Kim, and Ken, Lindsay joins the mathletes again, starts wearing her old clothes, and stops hanging out with Daniel, Nick, Kim, and Ken. She works hard and during a competition Daniel, Nick, Kim, and Ken show up to cheer Lindsay on. Also in this episode Sam trys changing his hair and dressing differently to try to impress Cindy. In the end Sam goes back to his old clothes and Lindsay decides she likes hanging out with Daniel, Nick, Kim, and Ken better than hanging out with her old mathlete friends.moreless

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