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    Texas Forever

    By KennethMitchell, May 17, 2015

    Definitely one of my favorite shows ! I enjoyed this show very much and feel like they hit it right on the nail with making a show about football and the drama associated with it for a team with high expectations. The only thing that I wish is that my boy Jason Street played and maybe got hurt like mid-season or something as I really wanted to see how good he was. But great show, due to cuts I think the seasons got reduced to only being 13 episodes, but if they were all 20+ like the 1st season then who knows just how much better it could have been. But they made it work !!!moreless

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    Friday Night Lights

    By DaimarisHernandez, Mar 26, 2015

    I loved the show and thought it was really great until the characters started to change. I didn't really like the ending . I expected there to be more and not how it ended. I feel like every characters story showed have been shown and how they accomplished everything they wanted. I believe that there should have been a greater ending to that show.

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    How can i see this film? Please give me the link

    By aturovidal90, Nov 24, 2014

    How can i see this film? Please give me the link

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    Friday night lights

    By corneliusjordan583, Nov 06, 2014

    Absolutely fantastic,

    Love all the characters, The Riggins Brothers, and Especially the Head Coach and his wife. Not a huge football fan.

    But I love this show.

    I would recommend to all

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    Clear Eyes Full Hearts

    By efonsecajr, Aug 22, 2014

    Part football and another part awesome. Excellent shows from beginning to end. Hope the rumors are true that a movie is in the works.

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    BEST TV drama EVER

    By NinaSmith, Jul 06, 2014

    Watching season 4 now on Netflix and I am so hypnotized with every episode. I wished I had watch it during its regular seasons learning lots on raising teenagers and life. Thank you!

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    You will fall in love with this show

    By memmapunk, Nov 22, 2013

    I've never watched the show.. It was a football thingie and i am not into sports.. But because i has nothing better to do and it was on my netflix recommendations.. I started watching it.

    I was so sad about the fact it came to an end.. Is it possible to do the show again? I loved everything about it.. I cried with matt and julie's relationship (i was careful with spoilers), i hated mccoy and his gang so much, i felt in love with luke cafferty, i loved landry so much and tim

    If you're lookimg for a show to fall in love, fnl is the show for you..moreless

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    About this series

    By JordanWelch, Nov 13, 2013

    It had great casting in season one and acting for Kyle Chandler in season five.

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    Only two shows made me cry. Friday Night Lights is one of them.

    By dov_amc, Aug 20, 2013

    If you want to meet believable characters and enjoy realistic storylines, this show is for you.

    If you are tired of junk TV and are looking for quality, this show is for you.

    Friday Night Lights is not about football. Friday Night Lights is about team spirit, friendship, family and faith: it is about having a sense of belonging.

    The cast's superb portrayal of life in Dillon, TX made me feel what the characters were feeling and despite what everyone says, I think the third season was by far the best. I mean, from the first episode to the last, I just couldn't stop crying. It was like saying goodbye to old friends that I had the chance to see grow into more mature characters.

    Though the last two seasons weren't as good as the first three ones, it gave the opportunity to explore the realistic outcome of Tim Riggins and tie up loose ends for Matt Saracen with the both brilliantly written and acted episode "The Son".

    Truely a gem.

    Clear eyes, full heart... CAN'T LOOSE!moreless

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    Best Drama Series

    By SharonLeBuffe, Aug 09, 2013

    Really, I believe FNL is the best drama series I have ever watched. I missed watching it when it was on network television, but did just recently watch it on Netflix, since it was a high recommendation for me. The writing is excellent. The actors are excellent. My family and I genuinely cared about these fictional characters and their story lines, a true compliment to the writers and the actors. The story lines offer life lessons without being preachy. I especially recommend FNL for families w/teens and older kids although it would be great for all viewers. So sad it ended.moreless

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