Friday Night Lights

Who's Your Daddy

Season 1, Ep 4, Aired 10/24/06
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  • Episode Description
  • As the Panthers prepare for a match against the Tigers, who are their biggest rival, Jason's new roommate tries to help him understand the potential he has for recovery. Lyla tells Tim of her regrets about what happened between them, and Matt hits an all-time low.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Adrianne Palicki

    Tyra Collette

  • Aimee Teegarden

    Julie Taylor

  • Connie Britton

    Tami Taylor

  • Gaius Charles

    Brian "Smash" Williams

  • Jesse Plemons

    Landry Clarke

  • Fan Reviews (4)
  • There was a lot of great character development in this episode. They are proving that this show is more then football.

    By tramlaw301, Oct 26, 2006

  • It is such a great episode.

    By sprouse, Feb 10, 2007

  • Wow what a Episode ....

    By Kylefan, Oct 29, 2006

  • WOW there was a lot going on in this episode!!!

    By Rucook, Oct 25, 2006

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  • Quotes (8)

    • Herc: Hey, when you're done putting the newbie in that gay wheelchair, let me know. Phil: You are talking to a gay man, Herc. Herc: I don't mean gay as in homosexual. I mean gay as in retarded. Phil: Maybe I have a retarded son. Herc: Is he gay?

    • Coach Taylor: I think I told that kid to get our daughter in the backseat of a car.

    • Tyra: Hey. Jason: Tyra. Tyra: Um…Look. I know we were never close buddies and I can only image the load of fake crap that you’ve had to put up with from people you hardly even know, and I am so not doing that. I just um--I came by to tell you how sorry I am that Tim hasn’t been in to see you. He wants to. Although, he won’t admit it, but he just can’t do it. Jason: Yeah, why is that? Tyra: He’s scared. Jason: Oh, he’s scared. Yeah, well that’s Tim for you. Tyra: Sure is. Well… Jason: Well..thanks for coming. Tyra: Yeah, yeah. Jason: And you tell Tim whenever he’s ready he can come on by. Tyra: Jason…I’m really sorry. No, I mean…Something like this shouldn’t happen to a good person like you. (kisses Jason on the cheek) Jason: Thank You. Tyra: Bye.(Tyra walks out the room) Herc: Who in the hell was that?

    • Coach Taylor: You got a girlfriend? Matt: Uh, no, sir. Coach Taylor: Do you have someone you’re interested in? Matt: Uh…sort, sort of Coach Taylor: Sort of. Forget about sort of. You know what? Take her out. You understand me? Matt: Sir Coach Taylor: Dinner, movies, get her in the backseat of your car. I don’t care, whatever, but I’m telling you, you need to get loose out there. You’re wound up tighter then a rubber band out there, son. Matt: Yes, sir Coach Taylor: Good. So tomorrow, you come to practice loose and focused. Matt: Loose and focused. Yes, sir Coach Taylor: Get out of here. Matt: Yes..yes, sir, sorry. Thanks coach. Coach Taylor: You’re welcome.

    • Lyla: Hey, we need to talk. (pulls Tim into an empty classroom) I’ve been having these feelings. Like a flood of feelings. Tim: Me, too Lyla: For Jason, Tim. What, what happened with us came from all these feelings about Jason and what he’s going through. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Do you understand? Tim: Yeah. Lyla: What I’m saying is, I don’t feel anything for you, okay. That wasn’t even me that night. That was--I don’t even know who that was but it will never happen again. No one can ever know about it and it meant nothing. Do you understand me, Tim? Tim: Yeah Lyla: I hate myself for the other night. I just hope I don’t go straight to hell. I really do.

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    • Music in the Episode: Dead Heart Bloom - "New Messiah" Sergio Mendes - "Yes, Yes Ya'll" Samantha Jade - "What I Got"

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