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    Aired 7/23/15

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  • WWE Friday Night SmackDown! is the only place to find exciting cruiserweights, tantilizing Divas, and Superstars who are large and in charge.Often referred to as the "Blue" brand, SmackDown! is on Friday nights on SyFy. The show features heavyweights like Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Cody Rhodes, The Undertaker, Randy Orton, Christian, Wade Barrett & Sin Cara and sexy Divas Layla, Tamina & Alicia Fox Current Champions of SmackDown World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus Intercontinental Champion: Christianmoreless

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    • The Rock: (counting) 1,2..I doesn't matter if The Rock counts to 3!

    • Vince McMahon: I'd rather join WCW than join DX!!!!

    • Kurt Angle: How could you people sit here and degrade me? You mean you people would rather cheer for someone who looks like a vampire and I don't even know what that is(points at Luna)!

    • This was the 100th episode.

    • "...I will perform acts of violence upon you that would make the devil cry! Now bugger off!" - William Regal

    • X-Pac: Big Show! He's 500 pounds! I'm the Cruiserweight and Light Heavyweight Champion! He's gotta lose 300 pounds to fight me!

    • "In just a few moments, at my leisure, I will call Vince McMahon out on HIS ring, in front of HIS public, on a television show that is owned by HIS grand company....At least that is...until this Sunday at Survivor Series. I know how much you appreciate what Shane, Stephanie and I have done, how Shane Stephanie and I have stood up to the tyranny of Vince McMahon and how this Sunday, the WWF will die. But don't blame me for that...it's not my fault. I am not the one who lifts up my leg...and pees all over the memory of Bruno Sammartino. I am not the one who desecrated the memory of Superstar Billy Graham. And I am not the one who ruined everything that was accomplished by Stone Cold Steve Austin. (The crowd was not taking this well, as the crowd was booing, and A**hole chants were breaking out throughout the promo) You see, at Survivor Series, it means so much more than the personalities that are involved, it's about ending what Vince McMahon has tried to accomplish. I sat there at that desk on Monday and I listened to Mick Foley and I agreed with everything that Mick Foley had to say! That the WWF truly does suck! (Crowd boos) Don't boo me....have you watched the TV show lately? Vince Mcmahon has lost his mind. The man does not have it anymore. He is a has-been, his ideas are (outdated), his concepts are draconian, and Mick Foley was right... because the WWF is imploding from within. Like every great empire the WWF is imploding from within. Vince's loyal employees, like Stone Cold and Mick Foley who want nothing to do with him, like his Children who want him to burn in hell...and I don't blame them. Vince McMahon will see the WWF die this Sunday at Survivor Series, and he has no hope to save his precious company. Vince has the same chances of saving the WWF as he did of realizing his dream of starting his own football league. (At this time, Vince McMahon came out. He walked to the ring with a steeled look on his face. Paul Heyman was on his knees bowing as he walked down the ramp. When Vince got in the ring, he just stood there and continued to listed to Paul.) Heyman continued. I want you to know, that I was down on my knees, as I know you are used to men kissing your ass Vinny. Every time you walk in the back....There is Patterson and Brisco saying, "What a great idea Vince!" (Making kissing sounds at Vince's backside). You like men kissing your ass, don't you Vince. Because that's what you are all about...A Billionaire! The Billionaire, Vince McMahon, the Creator of Sports Entertainment. (Gets up in his face). I have waited SO long to say this to your face....I hate your stinking guts Vince. But it's not just me Vince. It's your children that hate your stinking guts, and at Survivor Series your children are going to do to you, what I have waited so long to see somebody do to you Vince. You are...so help me god....the most vile, disgusting, son of a bitch that I have ever seen in my life. (Vince winces, and the crowd boos louder) You took Hulk Hogan's blood, and you built Titan Towers. You stole Bret Hart's dream, and with that money you built yourself an airplane and put the WWF all over it. You did that, and you KNOW it you son of a bitch! You stole Shawn Michaels smile, took your company public, and made yourself a billionaire. But not a self made billionaire like you like to tell everyone...Oh NO. You made yourself a billionaire through other peoples hard work. Your Father, Vince McMahon went around the country shaking every promoters hand saying, "I will never compete with you." And when your father died...you competed. And with your ruthless, merciless, take no prisoners attitude, you drove everybody out of business...didn't you Vince? You ran all the competition into the ground, and you stole all their ideas...and you made yourself a billionaire out of it. And you know who's ideas you stole the most Vince? you stole MINE!! See I don't give a damn about Don Owen, and Sam Mushnick, and Jim Crockett. I just care about what you did to me and my family. How you stole my dreams and my legacy, and you stole everything that ECW represented. Because while Doink the Clown had green hair and a rubber nose.....Stone Cold Steve Austin was drinking his first beer in ECW DAMN YOU." While Bobby Heenen and Gene Okerland were dancing around and signing "Tutti Fruity", ECW was producing the edgy TV that you named "Attitude". What you got is my ideas, and you stole MY life, MY money, and MY LEGACY!! (Heyman takes off his hat and screams.) SCREW YOU!! SCREW YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!! And I will tell you something...you own children hate your guts and on Sunday, they will get even with you for everything that you stole from me...for everything that you stole from them. You flaunt your affairs in front of your wife, you flaunt your affairs in Playboy for your children to read...You BASTARD! Look at TAZZ! (pointing to Tazz at the booth). This man was a killer!! He was a machine. He was a "Wrestler"....a real man. But wrestling is a dirty word to you, isn't it Vince? you father built a wrestling company, and you...you had to have "Sports Entertainment" (Still pointing to Tazz). He was a wrestler. He was a great wrestler..he was a MAN. And now, he is a fat, little, obnoxious color commentator. And not even a GOOD one. He is a "Sports entertainer" He is not a wrestler, because you made wrestling a dirty word. What kind of a man are you"? (At this point, Tazz removes his headset and heads into the ring to a big pop.) "What kind of a man takes wrestling, and makes it Sports Entertainment? At Survivor Series, you're going down. You're going down Vince, and I'm going to watch it...and your children are going to stand over your grave Vince...and we are going to laugh. And there is not a damn thing you can do about it.....I'm feeling good about this...." (Tazz has heard enough, and puts the Tazzmission on Heyman, choking him out. Vince grabs the Microphone) Vince then says: Paul Heyman...you are the epitome of the Alliance. Because this Sunday, the Alliance will CHOKE. -- The Paul Heyman promo

    • "Once you go Test, you'll forget about the rest." - Test's new catch-phrase "They say love is blind, which is fine because I'll be able to feel my way around." -Jerry Lawler. "Price check on a jackass!" -Steve Austin as he left Booker T lying in a supermarket.

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    • First episode of Smackdown.

    • SmackDown originally seemed like it would become a new version of Saturday Night's Main Event, however it instead became a weekly show, continuing storylines from RAW from 1999-2002, and having it's own wrestlers since early 2002.

    • Rating: 5.11

    • Last time we see Shawn Michaels(HBK or The Heart Break Kid)On Smackdown he is now on Raw

    • HBK was the guest ref

    • Shawn Micheals helped HHH beat The Rock.

    • Rating: 4.29

    • Rating: 3.72

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    Trivia (88)

    • Live Note - Austin messed up with the net gun and actually shot it twice because the first time he messed up and the net didn't come out of the gun. Another Live Note - When Bubba Ray took the mic it didn't work and he never said his promo.

    • The only time Chris Jericho beat Triple H.

    • In the Matt Hardy V1 facts Matt has been to Plymouth Rock Matt thinks Thanksgiving is a boring holiday

    • Matt Hardy V1 info Matt has wrestled in 44 states

    • At the near end of the fight scene between Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie, if you look closely, the lamp that Dawn hit Torrie with actually breaks before it cracks Torrie's skull!

    • Rhyno's elimination was never shown on the program.

    • If you watch carefully during the show's opening, you will see Albert and Chuck Palambo. They appear rather quickly, but they are there.

    • Also when McMahon said he was nominated for the Humanitarian Award for Angle, he also hired Zach Gowen.

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    Allusions (4)

    • Brian Kendrick: (no quote)
      Sean O'Haire coerces Brian Kendrick into streaking around the ring, in a moment reminiscent of a Nike commercial featuring a young man streaking across a soccer field. Kendrick runs out naked during the A-Train vs. Shannon Moore match chased by referees and even A-Train takes a swing at him.

    • JBL: England's still in the World Cup. The next day after Smackdown aired on television, England got eliminated by Portugal (3-1 at the penalty kick shootout after a 0-0 tie during 120 minutes) at the quarter finals.

    • Tazz: Talk about impact, Gail Kim with non-stop aggression here Possibly a reference to Gail Kim's time wrestling for rival wrestling company Total Nonstop Action (TNA) and their flagship programme, TNA Impact.

    • During the Kane vs. Luke Gallows match Matt Striker described a move by saying, "It's almost like Kane vs. bizarro Kane." Prior to appearing on screen as Luke Gallows/Festus, Drew Hankinson had a brief run as an imposter Kane, and actually defeated the real Kane in a match at Vengeance 2006.

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