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    I love the show BUT!!

    By RichardStott, Jul 03, 2010

    On the 6/25/2010 showing of "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross" he had three of the cast members of the hit American show "GLEE" and they cut 20 minutes from the show and a large part of the "GLEE" casts interview! All week prior to the showing they showed promo clips of part of the interview that did not make it to the friday night showing. The start time of Johathan's show was pushed back 20 minutes to make room for two 40 minute showing of "Not Going Out." I am saddened to think that BBC America and the people who produce "Friday Night" care so little for the America viewers. Shame on you BBC America and Jonathan Ross!!!moreless

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    By efc91, Jul 17, 2009

    I think Friday night with Jonathan Ross is a decent little show he has probably got the best talk show in the United Kingdom and every week he has atleast one good guest so really you normally get what your looking for. The stars on the show always have a laugh with the host Jonathan Ross and I always like to see what bands are like at the end of the show. I really like the episodes with a lot of well known peaople in it but in the last series it was a bit spread out and not as good so hopefully BBC shorten down his season so he can have better guests on each episode.moreless

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    Friday Night with Jonathan Ross - Funny, interesting and always exciting.

    By Mthompson456, Jun 19, 2009

    Every Friday night, Jonathan Ross always has a very interesting line up of stars (Current, or up and coming). On a weekly basis, Jonathan is very entertaining and interesting. With his comedy and interesting questions, Jonathan fits into the 'interview roll' perfectly.

    Every Friday I always record or try my best to watch Jonathan and the stars in action, since it's always interesting and very funny. Jonathan always seems to have trick up his sleeve, which makes everything even more important.

    If you haven't watched Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, but you're interested, it is a great show with a lot of comedy and interesting questions for stars. Almost every time I watch the show, I learn something new about a star, it's great.

    Overall, I would give this show a 10/10, since I love it that much.moreless

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    He is joined by Meet the Parents star Ben Stiller, TV wildlife guru and zoologist Charlotte Uhlenbroek, Star wars and Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor, and Rap Superstar Eminem. Great show, fantastic guests and good humor throughout the show.

    By deenerbom, May 16, 2009

    Best show of the series. Going to be very hard to beat. While Uhlenbroek wasn't as well know as the others she was a good guest making it her own. Stiller was reserved but had some fantastic humorous lines. He had a lot of banter with Ross and it was very good to watch. McGregor took the audience's appeal and was very down to earth coming on in just a cardigan. Great descriptions of movies. A very good guest. Eminem was always going to be a wild card but he participated well, stole the show and performed well. Fantastic show.moreless

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    Its a talk show to rival other talk shows as it is so funny an a good gag is never far away.

    By shellymg, May 27, 2008

    Jonathon Ross is not just a talk show host he is a brillant comedian whoses never short of a gag n a joke or two. this show combines interviews with celebraties with humour were jonathon isnot afraid to asks the hard questions or take the p*** either. He is very charming and is able to deal with any celebraty and any situation as he can think no his feet very well. This type of talkshow/comedy is very rare and unique. Then theres is sharp suits which are so striking that they have become part of the show. And then theres is the four poofs and a piano the house band who have a song for every guest!!!moreless

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    The flashy Ferrari of chat show hosts

    By yellowbucket101, May 23, 2008

    Jonathon Ross is possibly one of the bravest and cheekiest of talk show hosts, yet he manages to balance this with a genuine interest in the guest. It almost seems effortless the way Ross manages to consistently have a laugh with the biggest stars on the planet, yet he can also be very serious when the need arises (very personal conversation etc). He is a brilliantly modern chat show host who will hopefully be doing this for some time. With the retirement of Parkinson he is THE place for celebrities to go on UK TV. I think he should clearly be on American TV as well; it would be both shock and awe for the Americans. Letterman is very good but isn't quite as surprising as Jonathon with his often hilarious comments. Who else would be candid enough to say to Tom Hanks "what the **** was that!" in regards to his attempted British accent. A brilliant showmoreless

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    A Friday Night Talk Show hosted by Jonothan Ross the radio dj and presenter.Each week a few celebrity guests appear and talk to him with the usual gags and jokes Jonothan always creates.At the end of the show a top band/performer plays their latest song.

    By xXxMalteaserxXx, Apr 13, 2008

    I really love this talk show and think it is an amazing friday night show.The only downside is it runs in with a number of other great tv shows and chat shows.I think Jonothan Ross is brilliant and is just hilariously funny.His guests are always very A-List and are always a true delight to watch being interviewed,they usually go along with his jokes as well and are in good humour.I do find a flaw in this seemingly spectacular talk show and that is his ever present band "Four Puffs and a Piano" who play a little song intro for each guest as they walk on to chat with Ross.I find them quite irritating.moreless

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    Wondered where the poofs are? Saw them on QM2 and missed them ever since xx

    By mimblepop, Mar 07, 2008

    I have just got in after 3 glasses of wine,having not drank for 3 moths ( oh Shi*e, I mean months) and missed the first part of yr show. Where the F="k r the poofs? Saw them on the QM2 in April 2007 and it was the best night ever. My apologies if they are away but am devasated if you have got rid of them - there are just a herd of trendy black dudes on (mind you, they are good, hubby reckons it's the drifters). Your show is just ace Jon, we have Russell Brand and Daniel Craig on Keep series link as we cannot bear to get rid of it and we keep watching it. Even our 12 year old thinks it's great. Watched Sh!te Alan Carr at a mates tonight and guessed your and Paul's mum before the first question! Love, love love the show Chris and Rach Moreman xxxxmoreless

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    The best talk-show you're ever likely to see.

    By djhanley, Nov 10, 2007

    Johnathan Ross is simply brilliant on this show!the guests that come on this show are just fabulous, I don't think there is anyone out there that wouldn't want to be on this talk show. He gets all the biggest stars from Britain and America on his show, and all are equally amused by his humour. He asks the embarrassing questions that other shows would be afraid to ask but because Ross is so funny and charming he can get away with so much. I just adore 4 poofs and a piano and their choice of song for each guest is just classic! I also really love how he engages the other guests in the green room in all the interviews. All-in-all this is just great TV, very entertaining and always funny. And of course his accent is just brilliant and completely adds to his charm.moreless

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    Possibly the funniest show on TV

    By 1iv3rp001FC, Sep 08, 2007

    The Jonathan Ross Show is compulsory Friday night viewing. With his cheeky brand of humour, Jonathan interviews famous guests like Quentin Tarantino, Richard Hammond, Nigella Lawson and Elijah Wood plus he has loads of great music from the likes of Guillemots, Jarvis Cocker, The Fratellis, etc. It's fun and a bit saucy and it's great to see the reactions of the other guests in the green room while he's interviewing whoever's on the couch. He never lets up and he always goes for the embarassing question and the guests seem to like it. Plus, his house band, 4 Poofs and a Piano are entertaining with their weird harmonic versions of hit songs.moreless

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