Friends: The Stuff You've Never Seen

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Quotes (6)

  • Ross: Pivot! (They pivot) Pivot! (They pivot) Okay, pivot! Piv-at! (He starts laughing.) (Scene is Reseted) Ross: Pivot! Piv-at! Piv-at!! Chandler: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!! (David is laughing.) David: Pivat!! (In a high pitched voice) Pivat!!!

  • (Joey and Ross have built a fort out of boxes, Chandler enters and they stand up slowly.) Chandler: What are you guys doing? (Ross and Joey both reach down and pull up their pants.) Ross: Nothing. Joey: Nothing.

  • Host: The point of this whole thing is that what people see in America is they see Friends, it looks like a smooth running machine. But behind the scenes, there's deceit, mistrust, and hate.

  • Richard: It was great seeing you again. Monica: It was good to see you too. Did you come all the way down her to tell me that? Richard: No. I came here to tell you something else. I came here to tell you I still love you. Matthew Perry: What the [bleep] are you doing?

  • Monica: I'm doing my brother. Chandler: That's... gross.

  • Phoebe: What do I smell? Joey: (Raises hand) Sorry.