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    my way

    By satishmishra92123, Jul 07, 2014

    Loved it

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    Could it "be" any better?

    By tniedermeyer, Jul 19, 2012

    For ten years Friends accompanied us. Am I sad that it is over? No. Will I miss it? Yes, of course.

    Many successful TV series have the sad habit to stay longer on the air than absolutely necessary. It happened with the “Cosby Show”, and it is happening with “That 70’s show” now. You just have to know, when to walk away and let go.

    I was worried that Friends might end up like Seinfeld, who produced one of the worst series final in television history, or would break the 3rd wall like they did on “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. But instead the writers pulled of a really exciting and – yes, even if it’s sound lame – good episode, by given the fans what they really wanted.

    Watching “The Last One” I honestly have to say that this episode was the perfect ending to a perfect sitcom. Sure it was not the funniest episode, but it did what it was supposed to do: give the audience a satisfactory conclusion.


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    Super cool

    By JennySpeights, May 19, 2012

    Funny cool

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    A great show found its perfect ending.

    By banannie, Sep 17, 2011

    It seems like only yesterday when we watched Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross sitting and chatting in Central Perk when Rachel rushed through the door in her wedding dress. 10 years later, it's still those six people. Still in New York. Still there for each other every single day. Still best friends.

    The Last One is the perfect finale for the show. Monica and Chandler finally having their babies. Phoebe finally being with the man she loves. Joey...well, he's still Joey. But he'll find his way in his spin-off. And Ross and Rachel finally together again, after all this time.

    This episode made me cry. Not only because it's the last one. But also because it's more we could've ever hoped and asked for. After watching all 10 seasons of the show, I'm convinced this is the way it was supposed to end.moreless

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    Amazing finale.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Dec 21, 2010

    You knwow sometimes, when a TV finale comes on, and when it ends, your like "That was such a bad way to end the show" Well, this finale did not end bluntly. It tied all loose ends in my opinion, it was a perfect way to end this wonderful series. I shed a tear,w ehn everyone walked out of the apartment. And I cringed when Rachel ended up going on the plane saying sorry to Ross. When she got off the plane, I jumped for joy! And then she kissed Ross. There finally together after almost 7 years of being on a break. Joey gets Chick & Duck Jr. Monica & Chandler take care of the babies. The gang returns their keys, and cuts to finish. Perfect!moreless

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    A delicious and definitely satisfying culmination to what just may be the best (and most loved) sit-com of all time *sob*

    By summersnowbiiee, Dec 21, 2010

    Friends, Friends, Friends... what can I say? 10 years after Rachel comes staggering into Central Perk wearing a sodden wedding monstrosity and invites herself into Monica's apartment and her kooky circle of friends, the producers have decided that the fitting conclusion would be Rachel's departure. The show has come full circle, a full decade, a full journey. It's still as funny, kooky, heart warming and original as it ever was, and the writers and actors maintain those qualities to the very end. No fan will be disappointed. The only negative thought I had was 'What? No reunion movie?' Definitely one to watch.moreless

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    Ended with a bang!

    By LivingLost, Oct 28, 2010

    I have watched this show since the begining. It never fails to excite me. However, when I first heard that season 10 was going to be the last season, I was depressed. After watched the show for years, it grew on me, and they became my "friends" as you might say =D. It was an excellent way to create a possible and ethical ending to a great season. Even after the show ended I bought all ten seasons and watch them frequently. I am glad that such a wonderful group of actors brought so much joy to the entertainment industry.moreless

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    definitely didnt want it to end, but was glad it ended like this

    By reremurara, Jul 25, 2008

    i loved friends and was so sad to see it end, but i guess it had to eventually and this is absolutely the best way possible. there were no loose ends, every character was taken care of and in a good place where you know theyre happy. but the writers didnt give too much either, just enough was left to the imagination.

    nothing in the episode was strange or different. this finale was done in true friends style, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. the only thing i would change would be the end, the last scene. i would have liked to see the show come full circle. i think the last thing we shouldve seen was the six friends sitting in the coffee house drinking coffee and talking about nothing, similar to the pilot. i didnt like that the last scene in the coffee house was one that wasnt acknowledged.

    overall, perfect ending to a spectacular showmoreless

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    The amazing series finale

    By rebachick94, Jul 17, 2008

    This is without a doubt the best eposode of the series. I loved how Ross thought Rachel didn't tell him goodbye because he didn't mean as much to her. Then she corrects him and they make love the night before she moves to Paris. She tells him that it was the perfect way to say goodbye and she'll never forget it. Ross realizes that he is still in love with Rachel and goes after her. He heads to the airport with Phoebe but it's the wrong airport. They head to the right airport but not before Rachel was boarding the plane. Phoebe shouts for Rachel and Ross tells her about his feelings for her and Rachel still get on the plane. Then Rachel calls Ross and tells him she loves him and Ross hears that she was trying to get off the plane. It beeps, stopping the message right before he finds out if she gets off. Did she get off the plane? What does the future have in stored for Ross and Rachel?moreless

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    Did she get off the plane?

    By emmalou2704, Jul 02, 2008

    And so it is the end of friends!!!

    I was really sad to see this great show end! The series had been amazing and to end what in my opinion was the funniest show on TV was so sad!!

    But the finale is brilliant, with the whole Rachel Ross thing (ahhh) and Monica and Chandler leaving the appartment behind to start their new life with the twins!

    I think I was disappointed with the final scene tho... but having said that I'm not sure how else I would have ended it (maybe I was just disappointed as I knew it was the end) but I do think that the final scenes could have been stronger!moreless

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