The One at the Beach

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Quotes (14)

  • Monica: So what's Phoebe like? Phoebe: I'm kind, caring, and sweet. What's Monica like? Monica: Ah no, the other Phoebe, the one you went to go see.

  • Phoebe: Oh, I am having the best karma this week. First, I find this woman who knew my parents, and then my client with the fuzzy back gives me his beach house. Ross: Yeah? What about, ah, that bike messenger you hit? Phoebe: Oh, I wasn't talking about his karma.

  • Rachel: (About Bonnie) Is that woman capable of talking about anything else but sex? Joey: Yeah, sure. Well, you know, earlier she was talking about geography. Monica: Joey, she was listing the countries she's done it in. Joey: Well, I think we all learned something.

  • Joey: But you'd go out with me, right? Monica: No! It is the same as with Chandler. We're friends. Joey: Well, let's say we're the last two guys on the planet and you had a gun to your head. Which one would you pick? Monica: Which one of you has the gun to my head?

  • Ross: You still love me? Rachel: No. Ross: You still love me. Rachel: Oh yeah, so, you love me! Ross: No, nnnnn. What does this mean? What do you, I mean do you wanna, get back together? Rachel: No. Maybe. I don't know. Ross, I still can't forgive you for what you did, I can't, I just, but sometimes when I'm with you I just, I feel so... Ross: What?! Rachel: I just, I feel, I just... Ross: What? Rachel: I feel...

  • Rachel: Do you think it's easy for me to see you with somebody else? Ross: You know what, hey! You're the one who ended it! Remember? Rachel: Yeah, because I was mad at you! Not because I stopped loving you!

  • Chandler: (To Rachel) Wait a minute, I know that hat. I was taken aboard that hat. They did experiments on me. I can't have children!

  • Chandler: Joey will be right down. He's just looking for his mask. Monica: A swim mask? Chandler: No, his gorilla mask. He wears it in the ocean to scare off the fish.

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Notes (7)

  • In "Friends of Friends Part III" on the Season 8 DVD, Teri Garr reveals that series creator Marta Kauffman originally asked her to play the part of Phoebe Sr. in the nude, likely in keeping with her kinky, free-love lifestyle (obviously, it would only have been implied). Teri Garr said that she would do the part, including the "erotic pottery", but not the nudity. 

  • Teri Garr played Lisa Kudrow's mother again in the 2007 film Kabluey.

  • Shots of Teri Garr walking are carefully avoided since during filming she had a limp. In 2002 she revealed that she was suffering from multiple sclerosis.

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Víkend u moře (Weekend at Sea)

  • This is the first appearance of Teri Garr as Phoebe Abbott Sr. Phoebe was in 3 episodes of Friends.

  • This episode is one of the few titles that doesn't begin with "The One Where..." or "The One With..." These episodes are: "The One After the Super Bowl (1)" "The One After the Super Bowl (2)" "The One At the Beach" "The One Hundredth" "The One in Vegas (1)" "The One in Vegas (2)" "The One After Vegas" "The One On the Last Night" "The One That Could Have Been (1)" "The One That Could Have Been (2)" "The One After "I Do"" "The One in Barbados (1)" "The One in Barbados (2)" "The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss" "The Last One (1)" "The Last One (2)"

  • This episode runs 22:49 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

Trivia (10)

  • Trivia: After Phoebe arrives in her grandmother's taxi to pick everybody up, you can see that as the gang walks toward the car, the action is speeded up considerably. This may have been done to trim a few seconds, or perhaps because such an incidental scene just took too long to play out.

  • Goof: When Rachel is telling Ross that she is still in love with him, her hair keeps changing from behind her ear to down when the camera changes angles.

  • Goof: When Joey wakes up covered in sand, his "right boob" has a big crack. However when the camera angle changes, the crack is gone.

  • Goof: Rachel is painting Monica's nails when they are all bored. However, later in the scene when Monica touches the picture that Phoebe stole, her nails are not painted.

  • Trivia: At the end of the episode, there is a slow piano version of the chorus of the Friends theme, "I'll Be There For You."

  • Goof: Near the end, when Joey is asking Ross if Bonnie's room will be free tonight, he is pointing his hands at Ross. In the very next shot they are in his pockets.

  • Goof: When Phoebe goes to the other Phoebe's house right before she takes the photo off the fridge, the cookie jar has its lid off. The camera angle changes and the lid is on. Then after she has taken the photo off the fridge, the lid has come off the cookie jar.

  • Goof: When Phoebe goes to the other Phoebe's house, it's raining. But when Phoebe walks into the house her hair and clothes are dry.

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Allusions (2)

  • Monica: Strip Happy Days Game? Joey: Well, I couldn't find any cards, so it was either this or Strip Bag-of-old-knitting-stuff. Happy Days was an American television sitcom that presented an idealized version of American life in late 1950s and early 1960s America.

  • Phoebe Sr.: All right, the man in the picture is Chuck Mangione. Phoebe: My Father is Chuck Mangione? Phoebe Sr.: No, no, that's just Chuck Mangione. This alludes to famed jazz flugelhornist Chuck Mangione, whose music was popular in the '70s, including his best-known track "Feels So Good" from 1977.