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    The 9th Season Ends With A Two-Part Finale. Ross Is Thrilled At Delivering A Key Speech At A Paleontologists' Conference In Barbados.

    By Matt16020-FIN, Jul 05, 2012

    The penultimate episode of the 9th of "Friends" was very good. The idea of a trip to Barbados with the entire gang was excellent. The relationships between Joey and Charlie and Phoebe and David are a good part of the show and hopefully will continue in the next season. Speaking of that, this episode has a surprising twist for David and Phoebe. This episode has also a few laughs here. For example, Chandler ruining Ross's presentation and Chandler giving a piece of advice to David. Hank Azaria has done a very good job in the series as David. There are a number of terrific performances here by all cast members regular. Overall, a great episode. I look forward to part two. I certainly hope "Friens" can keep up the good work into the 10th season.moreless

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    It's a shame Part 2 wasnt as strong as this one...

    By super_friend21, Jul 25, 2008

    This episode sees the friends flying out to Barbados for Ross' paeleontology convention along with Charlie but before they jet off, Chandler gives David advice that culminates in David deciding to propose to Phoebe. However, Phoebe is still in love with Mike. Monica meddles and calls Mike, who shows up in Barbados and interrupts David's marriage proposal with one of his own. Phoebe chooses Mike, although she doesn't accept his proposal. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Ross and Charlie when they spend some time together rewriting his speech after Chandler accidentaly deleted it with a virus he opened, and Rachel struggles with the idea of telling Joey that she's crazy about him.moreless

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    When Chandler gives advice to David, he decides he should propose to Phoebe, however Pheobe is still inlove with Mike, who also proposes after ariving in Barbados where the gang are staying. While things get romantic for Ross and Charlie.

    By luvpuff, Jul 24, 2008

    The main plot was Ross getting together with Charlie for a night and Phoebe getting back with Mike. I wouldn't rate it anything special though.

    And the Rachel sub plot was minor. The focus was to show Ross and Charlie as an 'item', since Ross was alot smarter then Joey, it was obvious Joey and Charlie would never make it as a couple because of his lack of inteligence.

    The Rachel part was her struggling to tell Joey her feelings for him.

    This episode isn't a laugh out loud episode, more of a drama scene with David and Mike's proposal's.

    On the subject, I must admit, i'm glad Phoebe didn't marry David as he was an unwanted additional character that's not fun to watch.moreless

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    This is an amazing episode. This episode is a testement to how amazingly perfect season 9 was. This also has to be one of the most nerve-wracking episodes to watch, ever.

    By SHUCKLEMAN, Feb 09, 2008

    I can't describe how good this episode is. I'm not quite sure what makes this episode so good though. The cast is excellent. Hank Azaria makes his final appearance, over 200 episodes after his first appearance. Paul Rudd returns to the cast after quite a shocking turn of events. Aisha Tyler plays her part as a character involved in a love triangle very well too. It was quite ambitious of the writers to make a recurring character have feelings for two of the main characters, but they pulled it off, just like they did with Paget Brewster in season 4.

    One thing I like about this episode is Phoebe's large role in it. Phoebe doesn't often get good storylines, but in this episode she does, and it works very well. Lisa's acting is fabulous too. I love it how she tries to cover up the fact that she said Mike's name instead of David's.

    Monica's hair is also very funny. I love the many jokes Chandler makes about it.

    Another thing I like about this episode is the Ross and Rachel hints throughout. Like when Ross and Rachel stand together in the hallway and sigh, and how Phoebe's mixing up of names makes the viewer think back to Ross's wedding to Emily in season 4. I also like the subtle 'It's raining, so we can't go outside.', which makes the viewers think back to the The One At The Beach, and what Ross and Rachel went through there.

    Another thing I love about this episode is the drama. The build-up to the proposal spell-binding. There is the whole inevitability that something is going to happen. Chandler 'meddles' and David ends up wanting to propose to Phoebe, then Monica 'meddles' and tells Mike that Phoebe is in Barbados and that David is going to propose to her! Then Phoebe says that if David proposes to her, she will say yes! Then Mike appears just as David is going to propose, and he proposes first! The only thing that bugged me a bit was how David got rejected just like that. That must've been devastating for him. I think Phoebe could've been a little less harsh on him.

    What makes this episode great is a perfect mix of drama and comedy.moreless

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    Amazing acting!

    By nel50, Sep 01, 2007

    This was a marvelous episode and I loved all the sets that were acted on. The did a wonderful job showing the rain outside.

    Chandler accidently gives advice to David causing him to believe he should propose to Phoebe. Chandler tells Monica what he did and she thinks what he did was awful because Phoebe still loves Mike.

    Meanwhile relationships are ending and some are beginning. Charlie is spending a lot of time with Ross and Rachel is struggling with what to do with her feelings for Joey. Monica calls Mike and tells him David is thinking about proposing. He is stunned and rushes to Barbados to stop it. Right before David proposed Mike interrupts saying he needs to talk to her. He proposes, but Phoebe says no because she never wanted a proposal she just wanted to know the relationship was going somewhere. David leaves.

    Ross is reading his speech to Charlie and when finishes she says is great! Then Rachel, Joey, and Chandler walk in. Chandler wants to use the computer to check his emails and unknowingly opens a virus shutting down the whole computer. Ross doesn't have a hard copy and is furious. Charlie offers to help recreate it since she just heard it, but has to break off plans with Joey. Joey understand and ends up hanging out with Rachel.

    Soon enough Charlie and Joey talk about how they are having fun but it seems as if it is not with eachother. They brake up.

    Mike realizes that there is a ping-pong table in the game room and Monica decides to play him. They have a massively long match untill Monica hurts her hand. She finds out that she is too hurt to continue playing, Remember Monica hates losing so the love of her life, Chandler offers to play for her. He secretly has some skill and wins the game! Monica's hair is absolutely insane.

    Joey seeks Rachel and talks about how Charlie broke things off with him. He says that he is always going after the wrong girl, but Rachel says that she disagrees. Joey doesn't realize that Rachel means that she likes him untill he leaves. He comes back and they chat about it and have an akward conversation. Joey says he could never do that to Ross.

    Later on Ross and Charlie are flirting and hiding from a bunch of palentolagist. Eventually they kiss. He says it can't happen but then changes his mind. Joey comes across them kissing and realizes if Ross could do that to him then he made a mistake not trying things with Rachel. I feel Joey is right because Ross wasn't with Rachel for 6 years, Charlie and Joey have been apart for about a day. So it's a bigger deal on Ross' end and he is the one making the bigger mistake.

    Joey then goes to talk to Rachel. He knocks on the door and she answers saying, "What are you doing here?" He goes in and kisses her. "Oh," whispers Rachel and they begin kissing again. End Scene.

    I loved this episode but my ultimate favorite ending are in the airports they are always the best! I noticed some goofs and weird things while watching this episode. When Monica hurts herself while playing ping-pong it is obvious that all she does is hit the table with her racket. Also when Chandler wins at the end lmao the ball hits off the black thing behind Mike and hits him in the head. They immediatly change the shot because they didn't want to have Chandler make the winning point again, but it's so obvious haha.

    Last but not least what the hell is Rachel wearing on her arm in all of this episode?????moreless

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  • 9.5

    Great episode.

    By Black_Grace, Jun 08, 2007

    Great episode. Chandler gives David advice that culminates in David deciding to propose to Phoebe. However, Phoebe is still in love with Mike. Monica meddles and calls Mike, who shows up in Barbados and interrupts David's marriage proposal with one of his own. Phoebe chooses Mike, although she doesn't accept his proposal. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Ross and Charlie when they spend some time together rewriting his speech, and Rachel struggles with the idea of telling Joey that she's crazy about him.moreless

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  • 9.2

    i love this episode.

    By abdullah2220, Mar 18, 2007

    The gang go to Barbados for Ross's convention and phoebe brings along her ex-boyfriend, David who's back from minsk. Chandler accedentally delete's Ross's speech. Ross's goes all crazy. So Charlie helps Ross rewrite his speech and she pretty much remembered it all, but ross did'nt.Meanwhile Rachel and Joey are drunk together. Mike plans on asking Phoboe to marry him but David had the thought first, and mike shows up at the last minute to ask phoebe to propose to him interrupting David's Proposal. This episode is one of my favourite. Phoboe mainly knew that she was in love with mike and David.moreless

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