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    One of the best episodes of the season.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Jul 09, 2009

    This episode in my opinion was great! Even though the beginning was disappointing after such a big cliffhanger. Well Jill came off as a spoiled rich girl, but by the end, she looked like she had a problem, psychologically. Trying to get back at Rachel by using Ross, acting all creepy in his apartment. This was a great two-parter by the way. Chandler can't cry, I like how Monica tries to use the example if she died, and he would not cry, that was hilarious. FInally the hilarious plot. Ursula doing pornos under Phoebe's name. A great amazing plot. I'm surprised all of it fit in this episode. Amazing.moreless

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    Small review - Average continuity error :)

    By NikolasM, Jun 17, 2008

    This is a series classic.. All characters are in their usual roles!

    There is a continuity error though(I havent got the level to add it myself)... Phoebe says when talking about E.T. and Bambi(sad movies that doesn't make Chandler cry) that she cried for three(two) days after watching Bambi but in "The one where Old Yeller Dies" Phoebe state that her mother never had let her watch the ending of sad movies and she must have seen Bambi while her mom was still alive since in was just days before... Hope someone will add this at some point!

    I'm sorry I used a review instead!moreless

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    ono of the best episodes ever

    By simpfan90210, Apr 27, 2007

    Chandler admits that he hasn't cried since he was a child and the girls try to make him cry and in the end he does, and then he keeps on crying as they have opened the flood gates. Phoebe discovers that Ursula is starring in porno movies using her name including pheobe buffay in buffay the vampire layer with nosferatool. Rachel desperately tries to stop Ross and Jill from starting a relationship as she is jelaous. and pheobe confronts ursula about it and she is making a porno film whilst they are talking. and then pheobe picks up cheques for pheobe buffay from the porno director.moreless

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    Chandler admits that he hasn't cried since he was a child. Phoebe discovers that Ursula is starring in porno movies using her name. Rachel desperately tries to stop Ross and Jill from starting a relationship.

    By Black_Grace, Mar 28, 2007

    Good episode. Its not like its a bad thing Chandler doesn'y cryed but if he didn't cry when Monica died that would be like oh my god! He should cry for that. I don't know why everyone was crying for the movie because it wasn't that bad. I thought Chandler was faking it at the end because you don't need to cry for that!

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    This Episode is about Chandler hasn;t cryed since h was a kid and they try to make him cry but he can't .

    By Diamonddoll_07, Feb 03, 2007

    This episode is about how Chandler hasn't cryed since he was a kid and Monica trys to make him cry by making him watch sad movies but he never does . Also is this episode people start to recognise Pheobe on the streets and joey finds this video porno and it seems to star Phoebe . Later Phoebe goes and asks her sister why she is staring in porno and using her name and Ursela tells her thats her name and they fight . Also jill and ross had started to date but they didn't really like each other in that way they just enjoyed each oter company so like i said before Ross wanted to be with Rachel .moreless

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