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    The beginning of the Mark arc.

    By Canogaparkcindy, May 31, 2009

    Ross & Rachel's relationship starts to fall apart, in this episode. In continuation to the worst job ever, Rachel gets a better job that is more in the fashion field, when a stranger, Mark gets the job and Ross thinks it is because he wants sex. In another plot, Joey's birthday goes awry when Chandler fools around with Joey's sister, and can't remember which one. He also gets "over-friendly" with Monica, Rachel & Ross! I like how they mentioned that. Phoebe does it with the guy upstairs, and Monica & Rachel can hear everything! I like how he charms all the guys as well at the end. Amazing episode!moreless

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    This teramisu is excellent. Did you make it Mary-Angela?

    By Emina_I, Jun 13, 2008

    This is the episode where Ross's jealousy started with Rachel meeting Mark who offers her a job interview. Chandler gets druk and fools around with Joey's sister but he can't remember which one, and when he finds out that it was Mary-Angela he can not recognize her since all of Joey's sisters look alike:).

    Joey's Sister: Finally, I thought we'd never be alone. Can I just tell you something, I have not stopped thinking about you since the party.

    Chandler: Look, I may have jumped the gun here.Um, I just got out of a relationship and I'm not really in a, in a commitment kind of place.

    Joey's Sister: So! Me neither! God, Mary-Angela was right you do have the softest lips.

    Chandler: Ahhh, you're not Mary-Angela.

    Joey's Sister: No, I'm Mary-Theresa.

    Also Phoebe is fooling around with noisy upstairs neighbour...:)moreless

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    This is the episode where Chandler makes out with one of Joey's sister .

    By Diamonddoll_07, Feb 03, 2007

    This is the episode where Chandler gets drunk at his party and fools around with a sister . Later on Chandler is afraid to tell Joey but finally gets the courage and does tell him and instead of being mad he is happy but when he asks which sister Chandler doesn't remember which one so he telle him he'll them him later . And later Joey invites Chandler to his home and when Chandler gets there he sees all the girls and Joey wants him to sit next to the girl and Chandler thought he would remember which one t was by seeing her but he can't because they all look the same so he sits next to joey and trys to remember but he can't and finally confesses to Joey and Joey gets super mad . :( ! !moreless

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    Good one.

    By dmarex, Apr 18, 2006

    While trying to get over Janice, Chandler ends up in the arms of one of Joey's sisters, but he can't remember which one. While looking for a job, Rachel stumbles upon Mark, a handsome man, who offers her help with getting a job at Bloomingdale's, after hearing her conversation with Monica.

    This episode is actually really good, I enjoyed all the funny scenes with Chandler trying to figure out who is the sister he was with. We can also see Joey in a different role, because we don't see his family that often.

    Also, Mark is introduced in this episode, and he is going to have quite a huge impact on Ross's and Rachel's relationship in the future. Anyway, this is yet another great episode.moreless

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