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    Best clip show EVER!!

    By super_friend21, Mar 14, 2007

    This by far is the best clip show out of the six 'Friends' clip shows because most of it is a normal episode unlike the others.

    It starts off with Phoebe and Rachel seeing Chandler getting into a car with a blonde woman and think he's having an affair which he isnt because it turns out that the woman was Monica and Chandler's realtor, and the two are buying a house in Westchester which leads to the friends reminiscing about their good times in the apartment. This leads to a lot of hilarious Joey lines. Great classic Friends episodemoreless

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    One great episode.

    By pryl18, Jan 28, 2007

    Although the air of the episode tells you this is the last season, it's still a great show. I just loved the part about the flashbacks. It makes you remember why you love the show. The great thing about Friends' flashbacks is that those are the episodes where you just can't stop laughing. It's 10 times more laughs than usual, guaranteed. The whole thing about Chandler and Monica wanting to live in the suburbs was a great idea. There was going to be a time when it had to come to this. They ARE friends but at some point they had to have a life of their own. That means that they'll marry and live in other places. I don't think they didn't want Monica and Chandler to move bacause they were selfish. I think that they didn't want to accept the fact that they're not young anymore and it's not going to be the same. This episode was a tearjerker for me because of the flashback where Rachel is moving out of Monica's and Monica tells Pheobe about all the good things Rachel does. It was really moving for me.moreless

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