The One Where Eddie Won't Go

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  • 8.5

    Joey moves back in.

    By Canogaparkcindy, May 27, 2009

    This episode ends the Chandler & Joey breaking up arc. Finally Eddie leaves, it was pretty hard too. Eddie was completely crazy. He kept on forgetting things, and he forgot he even lived with Chandler toward the end of the episode. The Rachel plot was pretty weird but funny. The girls read a book and now they are obsessed with it. "You wont let me blow" - Rachel "You know I'm okay with that" - Ross. That quote was hilarious! It really sicks for Joey that he lost everything, even the parrot. That stone dog is in future episode though. A great episode!moreless

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  • 9.8

    "Hannibal Lecter? Better roommate than you!"

    By Jacky1989, Jun 08, 2007

    Chandler has had some problems with his new roommate Eddie in the previous episode - but this time Eddie's killing his last nerve. Chandler constantly tries to show him the door but everytime he succeeds ("Ding Dong, the psycho's gone") Eddie comes back into his life. Meantime Joey has some serious money problems after his character Drake Ramoray was killed in the episode before. Can Joey keep his appartment? Rachel, Phoebe and Monica have discovered a new book and are almost fanatic about it. Will their friendship be stronger?

    I think this is one of the funniest and best episodes in the whole series. Chandler's interaction with Eddie and his desperate actions to get him out of his appartment are just hilarious. "I mean this guy is standing in the window holding a human head. He's standing in the window holding a human head." The whole "Be your own Windkeeper" story is OK and delievers some funny moments. This episode also marks the first appearance of the white porcellan dog that will be there until the final episode.

    All in all it is a classic very funny episode and one of the best episodes ever.moreless

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  • 10

    "Yes, my wind. How do you expect me to grow if you won't let me blow?"

    By Monica-Geller, May 09, 2007

    Chandler has finally had it with his new room mate Eddie and trys to get him to leave. Joey gets everything he bought for his apartment repoessed since he lost his job on Days of Our Lifes. Chandler and Joey coop up and plan to get Eddie to leave. The girls read a book that get's going to "goddess meetings" while taking a quiz from the book the girls get into an arguement. Joey gets an audition but its not as big of a role as Dr Drake Remoray and he thinks he's better than that. Ross conveinces him to go but he doesn't get the job.moreless

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    This episode is about Chandler trying to get rid od Eddie , but he won't go !!!

    By Diamonddoll_07, Feb 03, 2007

    In this episode Chandler gets freaked out when he wakes up and Eddie is watching him sleep . He decided to kick him out but is afraid . He finally tells him but Eddies thinke he is playing . And later Chandler asks him again and Eddies agrees . But later on when Chandler tells him its moving day Eddie had forgotten about it and again tells Chandler he thought he was playing . Finally Chandler decides to change the locks and pretend he doesn't know him and it works Eddie goes away . Then Joey can't afford his furniture and loses it but he goes back with Chandler when Eddie left !!moreless

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  • 8.5

    fine example

    By xkelly123x, Jan 18, 2007

    Creeped out by his bizarre new roommate, Chandler demands he move out. Eddie agrees...but doesn't go and doesnt remember chandler ever asking hi this dude just keeps getting weirder. Joey has trouble coming to grips with the death of Dr. Drake Ramoray and the accompanying change in his lifestyle ie losing all his things including the glass parrot. And a new book on empowerment for women inspires the female friends to have a "goddess meeting." bring back some bad memories

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  • 8.5

    Don't you just feel really sorry for Joey I mean having his charachter "Dr. Drake Ramoré" dieing!!awww......

    By emmanorman123, Jun 26, 2006

    I feel really sorry for Joey in this episode because his character (on "Days of our lives") has died and it feels as though he only just got that job. I also feel sorry for Chandler coz he has to kick Eddie out of his apartment and Eddie juust won't get the message that Candler wants him to leave!! I also find that the girls are going in the right direction when they read that book and start acting more do i put it ?...oh yeah! equal and behaving as though they are in charge of themselves!! hee hee!!moreless

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  • 9.9

    One of the very best.

    By Ting13, Jun 21, 2006

    I just love this episode. Chandler is incredibly funny while he deals with his very odd roommate Eddie; almost every word coming out of Chandler's mouth is incredibly funny. He tries time and time again to get through to Eddie, but every time he thinks he's succeeded it turns out Eddie has chosen to forget about the whole thing.

    The storyline ends with Chandler locking Eddie out of the apartment, and when Eddie reminds Chandler that they are roommates Chandler says he already has one. Joey turns around in his recliner and waves hi. A wonderful reunion between Joey and Chandler.

    This episode also shows the first glimpse of Monica's future love for Chandler, when she watches him sleep with a loving face.

    And speaking of the girls... They read the book "Be Your Own Wind Keeper" and become obsessed with it. It's a book about female power, filled with metaphors about wind, lightning and other things one might find in nature. It results in some very comic arguments between the girls where they throw similes from the book at each other left, right and center. Though the funniest line is probably Rachel saying to Ross that he's stealing her wind, and "how do you expect me to grow when you won't let me blow?", to which Ross assurs her he has no problem with that.

    A classic episode from season two.moreless

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  • 5.9

    I don't like Eddie.

    By LiamBolton, Apr 03, 2006

    Creeped out by his bizarre new roommate, Chandler demands he move out. Eddie agrees...but doesn't go. Joey has trouble coming to grips with the death of Dr. Drake Ramoray and the accompanying change in his lifestyle. And a new book on empowerment for women inspires the female friends to have a "goddess meeting."

    As I have said before in previous reviews, I just do not like the character Eddie. He is wierd and brings out the worst in Chandler.

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  • 8.4

    Matthew Perry\\\'s breakthrough for comedy! This is one of his best performances ever!

    By GuLight, Sep 19, 2005

    In the beginning of the episode, Chandler wakes up and finds Eddie sitting there watching him sleep. Chandler tells Eddie he has to go - he has to move out. Eddie says \\\"You want me to move out? I wanna hear you say it.\\\" Chandler says it: \\\"I want you to move out.\\\" Then Eddie, hysterically, says \\\"No, no, no. This time I want to hear it from your mouth.\\\" Matthew Perry delivers my favorite Chandler episode.

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